The Obligatory Level 60 Post - VikingSchism edition

Hello there, for some of you reading this it may be the first time you’re meeting me - if so hi, I’m Viking, I have a study log if you wish to stop by and browse - for others, you may be familiar with me from book clubs or just seeing me around the forum. I’m a little late in making this post, though I feel like attending my university graduation ceremony is a decent excuse in that regard. If you disagree feel free to post your complaints

I attained level 60 last night, after beginning studying on WaniKani on the 11th of April last year. It still feels a little surreal that I’m finally at the much-vaunted level 60. I remember it feeling like it was so far away - even right up to the last few levels - and yet now I’m there. It took about a year and a half to finish, and in that time I’ve also made plenty of progress in studying grammar and doing general reading, listening, and some writing. I still lack experience with speaking however, and this is something I do want to remedy. I still have plenty to study - there’s more kanji to be learned for a start, though WK has given me an excellent foundation for continuing in this

My studies have taken me from someone who knows a few words here and there from either picking up on hearing them a lot and matching them to a subtitle, to someone who has the framework and tools for understanding - and given enough time and effort I’m sure I can get to a point where I’ll need the tools increasingly less. Even the other day, I tried reading the first chapter of Chainsaw Man out of curiosity and found myself understanding a majority of the text with no aid needed

As I say, there’s still plenty to learn and I intend to continue with my learning so I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be continuing to clear out my reviews on WK as they come until such a time that I feel the returns are diminishing, in which case I’ll move entirely over to my Anki deck (which already has quite a few cards I picked up in my general reading etc)

And I can’t make a post like this without thanking the amazing people on the WaniKani forums who have helped me throughout my time working towards level 60. Users like @ChristopherFritz who was one of the largest helps to me when I first joined the Absolute Beginners Book Club and his grammar posts are excellent resources in their own right. Then there was @MrGeneric who’s run the Takagi-san spinoff book club (the first book club I joined was for Takagi-san). @Daisoujou, @fallynleaf, @Shannon-8, and both of the above-mentioned have all been regulars in my study log and I appreciate the posts they have all made there - it certainly made studying feel less lonely. And to anyone else whose name I’ve neglected to mention, I’m genuinely sorry - I didn’t mean to ignore you, you may have just slipped my mind

And I think that’s everything I wanted to say in this post. I do intend to keep my study log updated as I continue my studies, so feel free to drop by. I appreciate discussion in there, so don’t be shy


Congratulations! You’ve done a great job moving through this at a good pace even when seeming pretty busy with the rest of your life. Super cool to see someone who started kinda close to me make it all the way (after I bailed at level 57 lmao). Japanese has such a high dropoff rate that I’ve had friends start to get into it but you kind of learn to not expect them to stick it out until they’ve shown they’re really serious for a while. Really good work making it this far.

You were another of the members who helped keep me around and glad to use the forums when I was newer too, so yeah, really happy for you. Can’t wait to hear more about the increasing things you can do as WK time tapers off :slightly_smiling_face:


Well done, Viking-san!

Yes, I admit that I’m jealous :rofl:… but since it’s basically never-ending to keep those Japanese-educated brain cells alive and accessible… we’ll be on equal footing soon enough…

Thank you for the sweet post!
YAAAS!!! やった!!


I’ve got this:

If you were a little more dedicated to :crabigator:, you would have purposefully failed a class to push your graduation ceremony back by a year, allowing you to do a level 60 post on time.

I mentioned it before, but congrats again!

Have an AI-generated close-approximation-of-Takagi and Wanikani blue-and-pink cake image =D


Good job, you started almost a whole month after I did. Guess I need to pick up my pace, probably still got a couple months at the rate I’m going.


Congratulations, again! I’m always so excited whenever I see another member of our little Takagi-san family make it all the way to the top! :grin:

And congratulations on graduating uni, as well! It’s seriously impressive how quickly you went through WK given that level of busy-ness in your life!

I hope to continue to see you around the forums! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congratulations!! (on both graduating from actual university and reaching level 60!)

I think you started around when I really committed to learning Japanese/started frequenting the forum, so I think of us as being in sort of the same “class” of WK users, haha. It’s awesome to see how far you’ve come! I really appreciate the ongoing support over in my study log, too!

I’m excited to see where your Japanese studies take you in the future!


Big congrats! :partying_face: :tada:


As long as you’re comfortable at the rate you’re going there’s nothing to be ashamed of - better to get to level 60 slower than to burn out on the way

Also, from my experience, the final few levels feel like they go fast


Likewise, I look forward to seeing more about your adventures with Japanese wrestling and translation


It really does help the motivation to have other people take an interest, doesn’t it

You’ve certainly had a lot going on in your life too, and overcoming those obstacles seems like no mean feat either


I want to say congratulations on your double milestone! A year and a half is a very impressive feat.
As with speaking, it is a skill that I would say is also my weakness but with enough practice, you will improve the more you speak Japanese with other people. Having a good knowledge of kanji is going to make learning new words much easier along the way through inference.

I’m not sure if you use Kanji Study, but I would highly recommend the app because it also serves as a dictionary that’s useful for many situations in Japan. There are words that I run into from other classmates and it helps me understand them more and in turn understand what they are trying to say. It also covers other very rare kanji that are more of as a bonus to learn for more technical stuff e.g., the medical field.

Let us know when you finally burn all the stuff on Wanikani. I look forward to it. In the meantime, I will continue to push myself with the Kanji and hope to hit level 60 around the wintertime.


Good job on reaching the holy grail, I joined only recently so I just witnessed the last step of your ascension but Congratulation ! It’s very inspiring from my PoV, I’m looking forward seeing you around here as you continue on your Japanese journey!


Congrats!! And thanks for making this post, those are always such a great source of inspiration and of teaching :slight_smile: it confirms that WK is great resource for learning and for learning how to learn, that it is not sufficient in itself, that level 60 is not the end but the start of the journey, thought worth celebrating, and that the community here brings a lot, motivation, help, resources, it’s amazing!
Congrats and bonne continuation !


Nice!!! I agree that level 60 does feel surreal. Both an accomplishment and a reminder to keep going further. I’m glad you made it!


Congrats on reaching L60 @VikingSchism san :grin:

Additional congratulations for your successful graduation :tada:



You’re becoming too powerful.


Not yet. With a little work, I could have included a custom-tailored audio clip in her anime voice. (We have the technology.)


Somebody stop him.


Congratulations @VikingSchism !! :fire: :birthday: :fire: