The "news reading" challenge 🗞

Read today’s NHK Easy News. So far, there were no problems.

I had no idea that migrants have their own team. I think it’s really cool. I mean, of course, it’s very sad that people have to escape their own countries, but it’s cool that such people are now represented in Olympic games too.

The news about panda and the linked video was very cute

The news about completing vaccination in Japan by October or November is reassuring.

The news about stopping school vaccination because of calls and letters from protesting parents - is worrying. Especially as there were life threats among those… I hope that the city would stop considering whether to consult the police or not and consult it. And that the police would be able to solve this problem. And also that enough people would be rational enough to let their children get vaccinated in the hospitals.


skimmed over the covid article (less time re: sorting stuff out in relation to gas leak etc) and that’s…concerning. what motivates people to send death threats over a vaccine???


I don’t know what motivates people to send death threats at all… I mean, death threats shouldn’t be needed…
This is scary… I really hope everything would go well…

I also really hope that your gas would be fixed soon and the fix would be reliable.


imagine being that poor middle school and being inundated with phone calls and mail like that…hopefully it does get resolved, or at least the police can catch whoever was responsible :crossed_fingers:

if it isn’t then i think it might be time to invest in an electric cooker :joy:


Yesterday I ended up choosing to read the article about the マンボウ fish. Not much to say, other than I hope that lil guy is living his best fishy life out there. It was extremely short but easy to read (grammar wise, since I still had to look words up), but I did some other non-news reading so I got in a fair amount of reading practice in the end :ok_woman:

Today was a busy day, so I didn’t get around to reading anything til a little bit ago (10:40-ish PM here). I picked the article about 進撃の巨人 since I was really hyped up on this when the anime first came out :upside_down_face: It was all pretty smooth until I hit the part in bold:


tbh I’m still trying to parse it out. :sweat_smile: I understand the words, I think I’m just having trouble with the grammar or word order. People throughout the world feel… same… themselves… :confused:

After I lost interest in watching so much anime I stopped keeping tabs on news about series and whatnot, so I was surprised to read that America decided to make their own SnK film, too… Not sure how I feel about that yet since I wasn’t very keen on the one Japan made. :sweat_smile: :joy:


I’d roughly translate

自由のために巨人と戦う主人公たちが 自分たちと同じだと世界中の人が感じて 、人気になったと思います。


People from all over the world feel that they are the same as the main characters who are fighting for their freedom against the Titans, and that, I think, is why this manga became so popular.


So far, two news were released, neither gave me much problems.

The news about Attack on Titan is interesting, but as I’ve never read that manga (nor watched anime / movies) myself, all I can say is that Titans look really scary and repulsive there :sweat_smile:

The news about finally recognizing the damage done by using asbestos and paying compensations to the construction workers and their families is a very good news.
Also, I took some time and managed to read the text in the included photo.

Update: The remaining two news have been released - the news about children being allowed to take off their masks during PE clases and the news about elderly people from all over Japan (and not just Tokyo and Osaka areas) now being able to make reservations for vaccination. Neither of these news gave me any problems.


also read the snk article, had a little existential moment when i realised that it had been running for over ten years when it finished, and some of those noun phrases were just…so long… but i managed!


My internet’s been down for the past few days, but I survived!

Today I read this article on Asbestos Poisoning:

It goes over laws regarding Asbestos Poisoning in japan and how much a business can be fined.


I’m sorry, but I’m afraid either you or me misunderstood it.
As i understood it, it is indeed about asbestos poisoning, but not in terms of fining the businesses, but in terms of government paying compensation to the workers and the families of the workers who suffered because of working with asbestos.

P. S. Also, sorry, I’meowt of likes :cat2:


Ahhhh, makes sense to see the whole thing written out that way. I was having a tough time making sense of it last night!

I ended up with an icky stomach bug early this morning, but so glad I’m feeling better now — just got around to checking out another NHK article, and I read the one about children (not) wearing masks during exercise in school. As usual, had to look up a handful of words :sweat_smile: Sometimes I worry it’s just never gonna get easier lol, but I’m glad I can make sense of the grammar and usually figure out what’s being said after I look up the meaning of words. I felt like I was understanding the article pretty well until I hit the last sentence, though. I don’t know, it just felt like a lot of information to unpack there, but I think I figured it out:


When not wearing a mask, it’s important to have adequate space between children so that the virus doesn’t transmit. As a rough translation.

I wasn’t familiar with 子どもと子どもの間を十分 — I know the words, just not the structure, I guess. Or almost all of the words. At first glance, I thought 十分 (じゅうぶん) meant 10 minutes (じっぷん), but it means enough, plenty, adequate, etc. So I learned that today! And then I failed to recognize where the が was in the sentence (が大切) at first, but once I worked those out it felt a little easier.


it’s the weekend so time for me to go over articles from earlier that i missed!

read the article on the elderly now being allowed to book their covid vaccine and took a few goes to get through it confidently (aside from the last sentence, was good with that one). the one that i really struggled with was this one:


which i’d roughly approach as

the ministry of defense administering the vaccines, so lots of elderly people 65 and over wherever they live [as opposed to the previous bit about the tokyo metropolitan area etc?] can receive the vaccine, made it possible to reserve them/[vaccinations].

but i get the feeling i’m missing smth with 受けてもらう there, and possibly with に住んでいても too…


I’d roughly translate it as

To vaccinate many people, the Ministry of Defense, responsible for the vaccination, now allows every person of age 65 or older to make a reservation, regardless of where they live.

So, yes, I think your translation is quite right.


woo! just need to work on making my translations less clunky/more fluent now! and ofc still understanding it in the first place :slight_smile:


Ah, you’re right, that was a typo. I didn’t mean to write businesses there.

I should probably stop writing these posts in the middle of the night, huh?

Read another article today on vaccinations being allocated at a middle school:

I can’t help but wonder why so many of the townsfolk was against it being offered at the middle school…

At least they can still recieve the vaccine at hospitals, though.


I assure you, it will, it just needs more time and practice. When I started reading NHK Easy News, every single article was a big challenge, and in many cases I only managed to get the very vague idea after reading it. But with time and practice it became easier and more accurate. The key is to keep doing it even when there’s no apparent result!

Yeah, would roughly translate it very similarly.


had a skim over the asbestos article from yesterday, gonna need to go back through and pick out all those words i didn’t know! grammar-wise wasn’t so bad tho


Today I read this article on middle-schoolers not wearing face masks during sports:

I can understand how there might be a risk of heatstroke, though I think viruses can still spread during physical education. Though, maybe this virus is kind enough to understand?


Yeah… Well, the problem here is to find a compromise… As long as other precautions are taken, I guess, it’s a calculated risk…

Anyway, congratulations on reading through another article!
Each article you read brings you a little closer to becoming fluent in Japanese!


Well, so far there have been 2 NHK Easy News released:

The news about the video on how to check one’s body to determine its condition is cool, but I’m not sure I’d watch this video, because my body certainly is not in the best state. I’m the same as those ~80% people who responded that they don’t have enough physical exercise :sweat_smile:

The news about the COVID strain from india possibly being 1.78 times more contagious - is really worrying… As for reading, the only part that I’m not sure of is this:


I’s roughly translate it as

Because the contagiousness of this strain is so high, according to calculations, it seems that by the middle of July, more than half of all strains of COVID in Japan would be replaced by this strain, says the group.

Update: The other two news got released just when I was writing this post. I’ll read them later today.

Second update: Read the remaining articles.

It’s a bit sad that Japan is so far behind the leading countries in terms of easyness of raising a baby.
But I’m glad they are trying to fix it.

The article about the summit didn’t give me much problems either, although as I’ve said in my next post, I’m not sure about the 初めて - whether it means that they discussed the situation between China and Taiwan first thing after beginning the summit or if they discussed it for the first time on G7 summit.