The "news reading" challenge 🗞

Yep, that’s it, but it didn’t come up when I searched in Japanese and I didn’t realize it was a reference to an English pun


in this article about food in afghanistan


what does it mean this と? Is it like a conditional “if countries in the world rapidly dont help…”


In this other article, how do I read this?


when it is 6 months I know it is ろっかげつ。For 7 I dont know :laughing:


I think in this case it’s と used as the quotation particle.

In the sentence before 世界の国が急いで助けなければならないと強く言いました it’s also used for quotation

It’s basically still と言いました, but this time 強い is used in its adverbial form to also modify the 言う. So more like “said emphatically.”

I’ve heard both ななかげつ and しちかげつ


NHK easy was all depressing content yesterday and today, so I finally picked up a corona article

It’s nice to have been able to understand this one. I feel grateful that I have people who would be concerned about my safety if I disappeared for a whole day. I wonder how common that is though? How often do people have someone who will check in on them daily? How often, especially with the pandemic, do the bodies rot away at home with no one even guessing they’re like that?


thanks for the explanation, today another article with same style (I aguess, without と)



It seems I read a similar yet different article to yours.

It hadn’t occurred to me how bad this could be and now I wonder what was done last year…

I wonder if you examine all the moving around people do for school with the virus infection rate, how much correlation there is…

-entrance exams
-graduation ceremony
-school festivals
-return from summer break


Also I love how the original article compares the UK (vaccinating tweens now) and Chile (anyone over 6 yo). Mild shaming?


I read about Hokkaido’s autumn leaves and felt pretty good about my understanding for the most part. I thought I’d try translating… Italics for sentences I found difficult so I’m not sure.

Mt Asahi is Hokkaido’s tallest Mountain at 2291m. It is a place in Japan where Autumn leaves begin early. This year it was cold by September, so this year the autumn leaves began early, as they do every year.

There is a place at 1600m elevation near the ropeway station where the trees’ leaves are turning beautiful reds and yellows. Due to concerns regarding the new coronavirus strain (新型 is new vocab for me), half the usual capacity of 50 people can ride the ropeway.

A man who comes every year said, “You can see distinct colours such as red, yellow and orange; it’s wonderful. It has been its most beautiful in recent years.”

Mt Asahi’s autumn leaves will continue for approximately the first 10 days (上旬 new vocab) of October.


the article about the pedestrian crossing, I didnt get it right I guess.

Is it saying that they are using that plank a little high (is there a sensor?) to check if the cars are slowing down next to those crossing lines?

A traffic light wouldn’t solve this issue?


Me lately: what am I forgetting?
:clown_face: this challenge apparently


I decided to look up the same article because it sounds interesting. This one, right?

It’s making temporary speed bumps to see if it helps with accidents near schools and residential areas. The speed bump will make drivers more aware. I wonder, no offense intended, do you drive?

I really like this idea personally since I’ve seen kids nearly hit when a guy drove through a pedestrian traffic light. I always see a lot of kids crossing that intersection, so I worry about them. I think a speed bump there would do immense good in making drivers slow down and therefore increase their awareness.


I see a cute animal person, I click

The grammar in this article didn’t always click so well for me, but it seems I got the main gist. Get vaccinated, receive cute button. I wish my prefecture did this. I love our mascot and I’ve already completed vaccination. I think having visual indicators will also push even more people to get vaccinated as a form of peer pressure. I hope other places and prefectures make this a standard :sob: