The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

This script allows you to create highly customizable reordering presets. For your requirement, the following preset should do what you asked for:

{"preset":{"name":"Radicals+Kanji before Vocab","selected_action":"0","available_on":{"reviews":true,"lessons":false,"extra_study":true,"self_study":false},"actions":[{"name":"First all radicals and kanji","type":"filter","filter":{"filter":"item_type","item_type":{"radical":true,"kanji":true,"vocabulary":false}}},{"name":"Then all vocab","type":"freeze & restore"}]}}

You can copy and paste this preset into the Reorder Omega settings dialog (in the tab “Presets”, click on an entry in the “Presets List” and then hit CTRL+V). During reviews, you can then select the “Radicals+Kanji before Vocab” preset in the bottom left.


I’m not sure how Reorder Omega handles the active queue. Since WaniKani randomizes which of the ten reviews in the active queue it shows, I expect that in the worst case you might still get asked 9 kanji/radical reviews after the first vocab review comes up (but maybe Reorder Omega already prevents this – I don’t know). If you want to avoid this, you could instead use the following preset to just get the radicals and kanji:

{"preset":{"name":"Radicals+Kanji","selected_action":0,"available_on":{"reviews":true,"lessons":false,"extra_study":true,"self_study":false},"actions":[{"name":"Only radicals and kanji","type":"filter","filter":{"filter":"item_type","item_type":{"radical":true,"kanji":true,"vocabulary":false}}}]}}

After finishing this review session, you should be left with a queue full of vocabulary items (unless you got new kanji/radical reviews in the meantime). Just start a new review session and select “None” as preset to go through all vocabulary reviews.

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