The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

This seems like opinion and speculation.
The scripts should have descriptions, not endorsements, or soon every script will be the “Best Skript Eva!”


OK I remove it.

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I’m trying to find a userscript I used to have that sorted the level’s radicals and kanji into SRS order and put a loop around the total number I needed to level up. I can’t remember what the userscript was called – had to uninstall everything last week to figure out a script conflict.

Dashboard Progress Plus.


I worked on tooling.
I created a repo with a complete postman Files for the WaniKani 2.0, so it will be easier for dev to work on a new project
(But does not seems to be sexy enough for having replies :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Vertical Review by lon: with a chance of 50% randomly displays short vocabulary words (2-3 characters) vertically instead of horizontally


You can add it to the list yourself by clicking the edit button on the first post

Ok. :slight_smile: Wasn’t sure if I’m allowed to just edit that as I’m still pretty new here.
Added it to the list now.


I usually keep an eye on the list so nothing goes wrong, so edit away!


Heya, I might be misremembering but I thought there used to be a built-in progress page for checking out your overall progress on radicals, kanji, and vocabulary. I miss being able to see with just a few clicks through the menu. Besides the wallpaper scripts/apps, is there a good option for restoring that functionality?

If you mean the % completed for kanji and vocabulary, isn’t that still located on your profile page which you can access from the menu?

nope - this would be a large icon set of all the kanji (or radicals, or vocab) across all levels, color coded by SRS level.

Are you talking about It’s technically a third-party website, but it does sound like what you’re describing.


I think you refer to this site. This is not Wanikani but a third party site.

The icon list you refer to is located under this submenu.


The icon list is configurable, so the aspect you will find may differ from what you expect. But with a little configuration effort you should get what you want.


Thanks! This is the kind of functional replacement I was looking for. Much obliged

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Shinkoku does not seem to be working for me, at least in Firefox. Perhaps it’s still using API v1, though I didn’t see any HTTP requests going out when I clicked “Fetch”.
I just want something to gather a list of leeches once, but can’t find any other script or website on this list which will do it.

Item Inspector?


Thanks, that might work. I’ll give it a try.


I wonder why you want a list of leech only once.

With Item Inspector your leeches are always up to date. You can study them and be quizzed on them with Self Study Quiz. And you have the audio too.

If you need help with the export just let me know, but I suspect a coding fox doesn’t need much help with tech.

The leeches are not likely to change much, I just wanted to make a list of kanji to practice writing and was going to prioritize ones that I have trouble with since writing them would make it easier to remember the differences.

Scripts make the dashboard and other pages load slower so I try to avoid using them.