The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

This spreadsheet should give you some of that information. Keep in mind that every level is different and sometimes you’ll get more or less wrong in a level. So if you follow a strict schedule, sometimes you’ll run out of vocab lessons early and sometimes a lot of vocab will unlock towards the end and you’ll still have a few vocab lessons left. (And sometimes both of these will happen in the same level.)

I recommend using my Lesson Filter script to experiment with a different number of lessons per day until you find something that works for you. For example, I do 3 kanji and up to 9 vocab a day (all radicals on the first day). This has me level up consistently in 14-15 days. There are some days that I don’t have 9 vocab lessons available and I usually finish the level with fewer than 10 vocab lessons left (and often none left).

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thank you so much, i just got it running

EDIT: Solved. It was the WaniKani Companion. There’s apparently an option to turn off. Thank you Borx!

Hey guys, I need a bit of help. Every time I’m doing reviews, the item info opens after each entry, and it’s making me dizzy. I checked the scripts I’ve installed, and I don’t think they’re the cause of it. It’s as if I installed the Review Wrong Info Click by Kobayashi, but I didn’t.

I asked in the Polls thread because it was very active, but it just died.

This game/site doesn’t seem to work anymore…

I have moved it pending author’s response as to whether it will be fixed

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Does a script exist (if WK even allows such a thing) to reset a given item’s SRS progress to zero? I didn’t see a script above that sounded like it did that, or maybe I missed it.

I know I can unburn, but that requires burning something first. There are leeches that I just want to flat out reset because I cannot seem to burn them, but I get them right just often enough to guarantee that they’re usually on very long SRS intervals. This makes reviews too few and far between for me to ever hope to learn them. SRS is great, but there’s a sweet spot (or a rotten spot I guess) near the end of the process there that isn’t working for me personally, for at least some items.

Kicking them back to the beginning will give me a better chance to learn them with a fresh start.

Right now the only alternative is to keep faking them through each level with the ignore script until it’s burned, and then resurrect. Given how long the wait for the burn review is, that’s a whole lot to micromanage over a very long time, with a risk that I’ll forget I was planning to unburn it.

You can intentionally answer them wrong several times in one session. If it starts at Guru or above, each odd number of wrong answers kicks it back 2 srs levels.

For example:

  • 1 wrong answer kicks it back 2 srs levels
  • 3 wrong answers (on meaning and reading combined) kicks it back 4 srs levels
  • 5 kicks it back 6 srs levels, etc

If someone wanted to write a script, they would just need to modify localStorage to increase the “mi” or “ri” (meaning incorrect, reading incorrect) numbers for the current item to fool the code into thinking you answered it wrong a bunch of times.

I don’t have time to write such a script, but I’d be happy to give a technical nudge to any scripters that have questions.

Hm, true, I could basically do it manually. The irrational part of me doesn’t like junking up my stats to do so, but the rational part of me knows the stats don’t technically matter. Decisions decisions.

(I should probably actually submit this as a core feature request for WK… just make that “resurrect” button a “reset” button and make it available at any time.)

This feature request would allow that and more.

Ah good, saves me having to create a thread. Thanks.

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Has anyone developed a VBA script for excel that interacts with the review page so I can appear to be working on a spreadsheet at work while discreetly doing my reviews? Is it even possible? I am pretty good at VBA and have managed to get my spreadsheet to open the review session in explorer, pick out the current question from the HTML and pop it into my spreadsheet, and then get the spreadsheet to insert my answer into the answer box on the webpage. The only problem is I can’t get the macro to submit the answer without refreshing the entire page. I am clueless when it comes to web development so I have no idea how to interact with the webpage and even getting this far has been extremely difficult.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Please bear in mind I wouldn’t be able to install any scripts on my work PC, and I’m using internet explorer as my browser (and running the code from VBA)

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Thank you very much for this list. I’ve just discovered now, but I’m amazed by everything in there :star_struck:

To avoid any misuse, and since I can’t imagine how to misuse this script. What shouldn’t be done? Thx in advance!

During lessons, you could always sort radicals and kanji first and never do vocab. [You can level without touching the vocab.] The vocab is good to see different readings in action and how the kanji are used, so it’s not WK spirit to let vocab lessons pile up.

During reviews you could always sort meaning and reading of an item directly together, the idea of WK is to shuffle everything so that you don’t learn a certain pattern but don’t remember anything outside WK, like you always need to remember the meaning first to remember the reading.

Just check first why you want to reorder something, if the answer is to “to make it easier” then consider than maybe WK does it the hard way for a reason :slight_smile:

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The most important thing is to not skip vocab lessons. That’s the most common abuse of the script that I’ve heard of. Doing vocab lessons is very important because they reinforce the kanji readings you’ve learned and teach you additional readings.

Thanks for the answer. Okay, so I am going to be fine since the “old” vocabs are the first thing I do in my review. Afterwards I do the radicals and at least the kanji (Not putting any attention to the level or reading/meaning order). :smiley: I am here to get my Japanese on a level I am able to use it. So I thought the Order I choose would benefit me the most ^-^

Also thanks to @seanblue :slight_smile:

Is there a userscript that will make me type in the exact reading otherwise it will mark as incorrect.

上げる -> “To raise” (If you type “to rise” it is accepted)
下さい - > “Please give me” (If you type “Please help me” it is accepted)

I want it mark it incorrect. I tried searching but didn’t find anything.

You can use “Close But No Cigar”. It won’t mark you wrong, but it will ask you to try again. And at that point you can mess up on purpose if you want.

Or you can use “Double Check” which let’s you mark yourself right or wrong. It has “Close But No Cigar” included as a setting too.

Awesome, thanks @seanblue
I saw these but I wasn’t sure if there was a better one or not. I’ll try these out! :slight_smile:

Adding to what seanblue said, Double Check has a setting for how to handle typos, with three settings:

“Answers containing typos:”

  • Ignore
  • Warn/shake
  • Mark wrong