The N3 Thread

I have never taken any JLPT’s before either. Do you have any good websites for mock exams? (I’m taking N4 though)

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This youtube site helped improve my listening by a lot last year:

Also I used this site to practice for N4 and N3


Imo, in terms of test preperation just doing one of the official mock exams to get used to the format is plenty. You’ve surely been studying Japanese for a while, no need to throw your existing study routine out the window :person_shrugging:
You can download the official mock exams here: Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Official Practice Workbook | JLPT Japanese-Language Proficiency Test


Everyone: Make sure you double check your mock exam after it auto-grades it, many mock exams have faulty auto-grading!


I ended up failing the N3 in December by only 3 marks, but then did my usual thing of immediately halting all study :see_no_evil: So I will be retaking it, but I’ve decided to give myself until December again to get a really good run up. This is also hedging my bets because a few years back I did N4 in July and the room I was in at SOAS did not have air conditioning and was horrendous. Choice is 7 months pregnant in a room that may not have air con, or sleep deprived from 2 months of motherhood. I’m choosing the latter.


Neither of these choices seems better than the other :sob: you’re incredible for still looking to take the test with such a big life change happening. Wishing you good luck and restful sleep :crossed_fingers:


Thank you :]
It gives me something to aim for and a reason to stay consistent with studying, as we’ll most likely be moving to Tokyo in spring next year. I figure if I can get as much Japanese in my head as possible before the baby comes (ETA early Oct), then by JLPT day some will have suck around? The depths of my naivety know no bounds :joy:

Edit: if anyone is curious about how well I’m achieving this, I now have a study log that you can follow along with.


I also think its a good idea to get as much Japanese experience as you can before moving here but as someone who is also raising a baby in Japan I can tell you that you will learn a lot naturally too. For example reading a lot of children books and as your child grows the more complex the books will be. おさらのうしろかくれているのはだーれ?ブロッコリーさんだ!(Yes, reading all Kana texts is part of the fun :sweat_smile:)

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