The N3 Thread

By some miracle I passed! 124/180 which is much, much better than I expected.

Pretty sure I got some lucky guesses on the listening paper :smile:


You got just one score higher than me, but we are complete opposites with grammar and vocabulary. My strong point is vocabulary and I’m crap with grammar. What is your advice?


I passed! At first I was a bit disappointed because of the reading scores, which are lower than I expected. At the same time, listening looks pretty good.

But after some sleep I don’t care anymore :slight_smile: I’m pleased with my actual reading abilities, and I passed the test.

And also it looks like they use some complicated algorithm for scaling raw scores, so the actual percentages of correct answers for sections could be far from these numbers.


honestly? No clue how my grammar is better than my vocab. I actively learn vocab via wanikani, but never ever studied grammar longer than like 20 minutes on bunpro once hahahah
I immerse a lot? Just watching Japanese youtube/shows/whatever, to get a natural feeling of the grammar. Often in the test I was just like “Yeah, this feels like the right answer”


Hi everyone.i cleared n4 in december and now planning to take N3 in July.i feel like my reading needs to improve since i got a B in it.

So my question is when do i start reading passages from sao matome.right now i know about 360 kanji, should i get to 600 before tackling the reading section or start now.My concern is that the passages will have many kanji that i still haven’t learnt…


I got 60/60 reading let’s goooooooooo


The soumatome reading book is set up to be completed in 42 days, with each “daily page” providing you with vocab, a pre-reading segment, a passage, and comprehension questions.

Because there are roughly 165 days until the July exam, you definitely have enough time to use the book more than once and pick up necessary kanji. You can take 42 days now, mining the vocab/kanji and reading the passages on each daily page, and then come back to the book 42 days before the test and tackle the passages again along with finally doing the comprehension questions. That will give you plenty of time to study the vocab/kanji and get exposure to N3 grammar before needing to time your reading speed.


I’m super happy with my score, which was more than I expected (150/180), plus I aced reading :smile: so that made me happy. 49/60 on listening too, grammar was a bit worse (41/60) but I found that really hard and thought I’d bombed it tbh.

My (unsolicited lol) reading advice is to get into books and extensive reading as soon as possible. Don’t worry about not understanding it 100%, push yourself to continue. Join the bookclubs here and on natively, it’s thanks to them that I saw a tremendous improvement on reading. And for listening, I’ve only been relying on podcasts, but listening to them regularly (and level appropriate podcasts - but always try to push yourself a bit too) also helped.

I’ll probably take the N2 somewhere in the future, but not this year. For grammar and vocab, I bought SKM N2 and so far I’m really happy with the vocab book. I used somatome and Tobira for N3 and, while they were not bad, I didn’t feel fully prepared. But I also rushed through it a bit to finish Tobira before the exam.


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my N3 certificate came in the mail yesterday! Bought a frame and put it on my wall the same day :yum:


omg! congrats again ^–^ a frame sounds like such a nice way to display it, i know many people mention not being sure what to do with their certificates


Really? It’s an achievement - announce it to yourself every day by displaying it proudly! :grin:


Any N3 test taker’s this coming july?
Also is better to go for quartet 1 or go for an n3 specific book?
I am skipping n5 and n4 and going straight to n3 and I’m almost about to finish genki 2.
Hopefully I pass :crossed_fingers:t3:.


Yes, I am taking the N3 in July.
Still have study a lot of Kanji until then but I think I should be fine :sweat_smile:

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Good luck.
The only thing I’m worried about now is grammar. :smiling_face_with_tear:
I dont know if wanikani will teach you all the n3 kanji by the test time though so hopefully you have already started kanji study outside of wanikani srs.

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Actually WK is my only way of studying Kanji right now :sweat_smile:
But if I calculated correctly I could be about lvl23 until the exam and have about 76% of the N3 Kanji covered. That should be enough to have a chance at passing.

But I also have to catch up with grammar so I cant say that I am too confident about passing. The only thing I am confident with is listening.


Please do at least 2 mock exams under timed constraints if you have never taken a test.


I did 3 in total , 2 in n5 and 1 in n4
These were the todai easy japanese jlpt test with 105 minutes.
The test date is not accurate though.
Although I’m still not comfortable with n3 by the end may i should be prepared in n3



Did You mean mock test in n3 though?
Then I haven’t


Yes before taking N3 make sure to do a mock test. It doesn’t have to be an official one. You can do it online but time yourself as if you are in a test and take breaks to match. The time difference between N4 and N5 can be tiring for the brain.


Thank’s for the advice. :grin:
I have noticed that , I was more rushed in n4 than n5 so I’m guessing n3 wouldn’t be much different either.
But I have not tried replicating the breaks in the exam, Hence I need to practice it as you said.

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