The mysterious 六 radical

I found an archived four month old thread on the matter at and just wanted to see of some new light have been shed on this.

I just reached level 39 and one of the radicals is 六. This radical is not currently used for a single kanji on any of the 60 levels so I am quite intrigued as to what the purpose is. And why on level 39? The plot thickens…

For the lazy, the page for the radical looks like this (the “Marked Items” sections is a user script):

Not a big deal at all, just a peculiar conundrum.

Isn’t it in 譲?

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The kanji page for 譲 lists the radicals “Say” and “Nurse”. Nurse is also taught on level 39

Maybe there is a plan to change the Nurse radical? Or has been atleast?


Lol. So six is a radical which only used to build a new radical :S.

Please email this to so that Kristen sees it – she has hinted that they are in the midst of an overhaul of the radicals and they don’t always see everything in the forums.


I just did this, thanks for the suggestion.

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I can’t wait to get to lvl 39. My new goal in life is to learn that radical. I thought I know all kanji with it already but do i really? I don’t think i can say that before i learn that radical to complete learning process.


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