The "Mona Lisa" radical

It looks to me like Wolverine (ヨ) is ripping a bundle (束) in half. He want to rip the bundle apart so that he can multitask.
What kind of bundle is it? It’s a bundle of Ken (けん) dolls. Imagine Wolverine ripping up a bundle of Ken dolls so that he can play with all the Ken dolls at the same time. Now that’s multitasking!

Are these Ken dolls as in “Ken & Barbie”, or as in “Ken the Samurai”? They’re actually one and the same; Ken is quite the multitasker, himself! He’s a hot soccer player, a hot barista, a hot dentist, a hot lifeguard, a hot fireman and even a hot samurai; no wonder Barbie likes him so much!

Too bad Wolverine took them out of their original packaging, or these Ken dolls would be worth a fortune.

That being said, I do think that although the 肀+美 mnemonic is a bit difficult to remember when you’re stuck, I think “Mona Lisa” is a pretty good mnemonic in part because 1) the Mona Lisa is nearly universally known and 2) 兼 has a very distinctive look to it, and the Mona Lisa is also very distinctive, so they’re almost intrinsically difficult to forget.


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