The mnemonic for 縦 seems to have a mistake

The mnemonic sentence for says

You see a thread that wants to loiter from some horns and you would be correct to assume that it would hang vertical.

You can’t “loiter from” something. You can “loiter by” something, or “loiter near” or “next to” or “around” something.

Also that sentence the way it’s structured would need an “if” from the start.

Perhaps a better sentence would be

If you see a thread that wants to loiter by some horns you’d be correct to assume that its hanging position would be vertical.

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If you notice some mistakes in kanji readings, mnemonics, etc., it’s best to send an e-mail to Then the WaniKani staff will definitely see it.


Yup. I totally recommend this. I know some of us might assume that email is not that good of an option, but I do it all the time and never did they not see/reply to my emails.


I don’t have access to my email at the moment so I dropped it here.

I prefer “STRING OBEYs the laws of gravity so hangs LONG, VERITCALly”

That said I fluffed this one the other day.


Just a small correction for your proposed sentence: I think the “it’s” should be “its” instead.


I’m pretty sure it’s right like that. “it’s” is a contraction of “it is”, as seen in first sentence of this post
whistles inconspicuously

“…you would be correct to assume that it is hanging position would be vertical”? That sentence doesn’t make sense to me. But I could be wrong, since English is not my native language.


… You’re totally right… I didn’t read the end bit properly >.< :bowing_man:

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Yup typo. Corrected. Thanks.

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I don’t understand why they can’t just monitor this subforum (Bugs & Errors). Email is not transparent and there can be no discussion with other forum members giving their opinions. Also if the WK team replies to the email, nobody else but the email sender gets to read it.


:100: agree

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They do, though. It’s just easier and faster to email them.

Well I think it’s easier to post here rather than logging in to my email account and typing in the email address.

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