The Mnemonic Complaining Thread

The idea of this thread is to let the frustration go when it has to do with mnemonics

Don’t know who the hell Charlie Sheen is? Not a native English speaker and dont’t know what “loiter” means? (I mean, come on!), what on earth is a “hick”.

All of those and more can be shared on this thread :slight_smile:

“Chester the Molester”

Why does 鬲 need to be Chester and not just Molester?

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Easy, Charlie Sheen is a famous crazy person.

Loiter is the kind of verb you see on signs telling homeless people they have to leave the area in front of a store.

I’m not keen on the ones where the word you’re supposed to remember could be substituted for literally anything:

“Your mullet is tied to one tree, and another tree, as you make [hemp goods].”

To me this is no more useful than just writing: “mullet, tree, tree = hemp”

The other type - I’ll post an example if I can think of one - are where the word you’re learning fits into the mnemonic as something that you’re NOT doing / ISN’T happening etc. Pretty sure there will be proper sciency reasons why that is a terrible structure to use in memorization.


Apparently my response was not nonchalant enough for you, despite my best efforts.

I humbly apologize.

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