The logic behind Japanese sentence structure

I have the audio book, though I haven’t listened to much of it yet. I didn’t get it to use as my primary text for this, I’m reading through the book as a whole first, and then I’m going to revisit chapter by chapter and work on the exercises and practice applying the lessons. At that point, I’m planning to use the audio book as some review while I’m doing housework to try and keep my brain engaged with the grammar at least a bit. I did spot check through the audio book just to get an idea of how it is.

First off, it is narrated by the author and he has what sounds to me like an Australian accent. I didn’t expect that, personally, so it was a bit of a surprise. For anyone that’s not familiar with the accent this could be a bit of a challenge. I only bring it up because even as a native English speaker I find certain accents difficult to understand (though not Australian in my case) so I can see how it could be difficult for some.

Also, he speaks very quickly, imo. The book clocks in at about 10 hours, and if I were trying to take notes or anything while listening I can see where I’d be doing a lot of pausing and rewinding to do so. I’ve actually never listened to an audio book before this, so it might be a pretty standard pace for those, but from a study standpoint I think using the audio book exclusively would be a bit frustrating. I do appreciate that the answers to the exercises (for those that aren’t asking you to make up your own statements) read aloud, and would love to have a cut of just those for shadowing/reinforcing purposes.

It’s not really any more dry or boring than you would expect a grammar book read aloud to be. I think, if you’re planning to use the audio book to supplement the text and provide additional reinforcement it’s probably worth it. However, if you don’t want to get it right away I know there was a note on the site that if you want to upgrade a bundle at any time you can do so by emailing and pick up the other items just for the price difference. That could be an option if you’d rather wait to see if you enjoy the content first.

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