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I undertood it as to die and to pass away

That HiNative link explained it pretty well. A few excerpts that I think are important:

亡くなるhas a respect to the dead, only for human

死ぬis just to die. can use for any

死亡するuse for some people who you don’t know well especially in TV or a report

Yeah, today when I saw the news of the shooting in LA, it used 死亡 when talking about the deaths.

Vocab on this level was mostly straightforward.

I noticed on the radical “hills” that it was basically the kanji for これ.
When you attach の to this, does it normally get read as の, or retain the これ form? Just a random thought I had on this. I understand running into this will probably be incredibly unlikely.

Couple questions I have about this level’s vocab:


I’ve only seen 名前 before WaniKani, so it’s very possible I just haven’t noticed the others. Is this a politeness thing between 名前 and 氏名? According to WK’s definitions, 名前 is more of the first name whereas 氏名 is more of the full name, but I’ve pretty much only heard 名前 used, and people still respond with their full name, so I see that these have overlap, but I’m not sure where the lines are drawn.


I found a HiNative post on this one, but it was entirely in Japanese, and, even using rikai-kun, I am not sure if I completely understand the difference in nuance as I haven’t learned the general principle that adding 上がる does to a verb stem. According to the post, the person said:


新しいお店が出来た [A new restaurant was made.]
新しいお店が出来上がった [A new restaurant was made?]

名前 is any name, any combination of names
氏名 is surname and given name as a whole
名字 is surname

But sometimes 名前 has the distinction of just being the given name. So you’ll see a definition for 氏名 as 名字と名前

If you want to specify given name unequivocally for a Japanese person, you can say 下の名前.

Come on man!!

You are falling behind! I’m here waiting for you!

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Yeah. To be entirely honest, a few things have happened recently that have made me question if I want to continue learning Japanese. Been doing reviews when I find the time, but I have been doing a bit more soul searching recently and asking myself what the point of my learning is now.

Don’t give up now! Sure the journey of 日本語 is long and grueling, but I’m sure that all this time and effort put into study is not in vain. And if you do decide to take an absence from learning for a bit or forever hopefully you’re able to take something good away from this experience.


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Here we go


I have no reasons for learning anymore, but I suppose I should keep learning until I find a reason again. I’ve put too many years into active and passive study to wait for something to make me want to study again and then wish I had spent all the down time studying. I may slow down, but I don’t think I’ll quit.


Pass me! That’s your motivation!

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Well, I’ve tried to come back a few times and overcome the 600+ reviews I had built up. Finally was able to do it this week. Time to get this show back on the road. Lessons tomorrow. This week is the time to break double digit levels. :muscle:

After over 100 days on Level 9, I’m back and finally at level 10. Even just received that lovely letter from the Koichi I’ve read so many interesting things about. I have an interview with a Japanese company at the end of this month, and my birthday is in a few hours. :smiley:

Part of me is a little upset that I took as long of a break as I did, as I’d probably be around level 20 by now, but a large part of me is also happy I decided to take a break. It allowed me to sift through my head and find a reason to continue on with a lot of different things. With that said, next goal is level 20. :]


I’m still here, waiting for you

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I’m back and ready to roll. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Giving the breaking-lessons-up thing a try instead of doing all of them at once like I was before. It’s seeming a little more manageable. I should be able to see how it affects my leveling here soon. Luckily, I was able to retain the vast majority of what I learned, which is an attestation of WaniKani’s power. haha

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Got my first set of burns just now! :]


Arghhh!! Mine are today or on Monday I think!


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You might be smoking me in levels now, but I still got burns first. ;D