The Lessons/Reviews Summary reset thing

I like to scan through the summaries. But the summaries get reset every time a new lesson/review session is started. If there are any browser/computer/other issues happening in the middle of a session and I have to start a session again I won’t see anything I learned/reviewed until that point.

I know that this was discussed sometime ago, the threads date back to 2017, but the summaries stayed unchanged. Is there a way not to loose the summary? A user script? I’d love to see an option to manually reset the summaries.

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There is a script called “Wrong Of The Day” which accumulates everything you got wrong, if that is good enough


It’s perfect. Thanks!

Is there a similar script for recently learned items? And a bonus question: is it possible to preview future items in the lesson queue (in order they’ll come)?

Hmm, not that I know of

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