The leather radical Mnemonic is bad

See the screenshot, this mnemonic is just objectively bad.

Ok, so you see a body and head of a bull. Not helpful, because I don’t.
Maybe describe how the bull fits to the radical?

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Don’t you see the horns on top, the head, the thick bottom and the tail? It’s clearly a bull.




@Turok Thanks but Leebo posted an image below that fits the description of the mnemonic better, which is exactly why an explanation would have been nice
@Leebo thanks for the picture! I see it now :smiley:

I just realized that though I was intending the body to be a salaryman style shirt and tie from the torso and up, it also looks like super spindly arms and a dress on a tiny body.


Haha no I saw the shirt and I love it :smiley:

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I’m too used to seeing bulls from above so that’s what came to my head :eyes:

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You are very talented Leebo! would you mind to draw the zombie radical as well?
I have great trouble remembering it…


You missed the opportunity to write “The leather radical Mnemonic is bulls**t”


Train of thought: Why is there a zombie radical? → Well I guess china did have its versions of zombies → oh wait, wanikani doesn’t use the standard radical names… → But what if this is standard?

The zombie radical is a simplified form of this character, 袁 (meaning long, or relaxed clothing), which is not one of the kangxi radicals. It gets used as a phonetic element sometimes.


Brilliant and unforgettable…but shoul
dn’t he be dead?

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