The kanji Provide: 備 is missing a radical from the radical composition section

In the radical composition section for 備 it only lists elephant, leader and flowers. However in the meaning section it also includes cliff. Not a huge error or anything, but I figured I would point it out.

Do you mean the lesson screen? Maybe it’s a display problem and the fourth radical is off-screen, the kanji page has it.

I also noticed that 5 radicals look weird even on desktop for lessons, going over two rows. 5 radicals are rare, though.

I am assuming this is happening in lessons? I believe I’ve identified the issue and will issue a fix later today.

Same issue on the 港 lesson missing the cobra radical, assuming it’s tied to the same underlying cause.

Hey viet, yeah it happened during lessons. There were actually a few in this levelup sequence that only displayed 3 of the radicals for each kanji. Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

Fix will be live in a few minutes.

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