The Kanji 片 should have "Fragment" as a meaning

Today, the Kanji 片 is taught only as “One-Sided.” Out of the 7 vocabulary words it is used in, this only seems to help with 2 of them: 片手 (One-Handed) and 片道 (One-Way). For everything else, though, “Fragment” seems like a much better way of remembering it:

  • 片言 (Broken Language) → Fragment(ed) Language
  • 片〜 (Fragment) → Fragment ~
  • 片仮名 (Katakana) → Fragment(ary) Kana
  • 破片 (Fragment) → Tear + Fragment
  • 片隅 (Corner) → Fragment + Corner

It even still works for the other 2 examples:

  • 片手 (One-Handed) “If you have a Fragmented Arm, then you can only use the other arm, making you One-Handed”
  • 片道 (One-Way) “On a Fragmented Road, you can only go One-Way.”

I think at the very least, “Fragment” should be added as one of the meanings, if not the main one.


Fragment is not within the accepted meanings of this kanji.

The meaning of a kanji is not a keyword for remembering it. The learned meaning must be among the one that are officially recognized for the kanji.


This looks more like a translation issue than a kanji meaning issue. In such case I would just add a user synonym :slight_smile: . At least that’s what I did in my case when I was learning that kanji.


Above is worth having a look at as well. It looks like “one-sided” is a secondary meaning to what the OP pointed out so yes, I agree.


None of the meanings on Jisho are officially recognized or some authority, though.

Looking at kanjipedia, “fragment” is as good as fit as some of the other synonyms.


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll pass this on to our content team and let you know what they say.


Hey there,

So the content team got back to us and they decided to add “Fragment” as an alternate meaning and kept “One Sided” as the primary so it lines up with the radical.

They mentioned that the Kanken Kanji Dictionary has “one sided” (① かた、かたほう) listed as the first meaning, with “fragment” (② きれ、きれはし、かけら) as the second, while Shinjigen and Kanjikai list it the other way around so they both seem to be just about equally important meanings.

Please note we also added ‘a few words’ as a possible meaning for 片言 as well as a context sentence.


Thank you, Nico!

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