The journey to JLPT N1

Good news, on the 4th test I’ve passed the above target. Although some of the questions I’ve done it before, it’s still a good sign that I’m on the correct path.

Only a month left, I will stay strong for the final preparation.


On the 6th test, I reached an all-time high score. I think this was due to my luck as some of the answers were just educational guesses. However, this means that the strategy I adopted from previous tests is working.

I. Kanji-vocab-grammar just do a bunch of questions and Anki them. Learn grammar like a vocab (how to use in a sentence), don’t delve too deep. Pace your time!

II. Reading: Pace your time! Also, one correct answer needs at least one sentence in the text you just read to back up. If you cannot find it, you are wrong.

III. The listening section has some kind of recurring words and format. When I did a couple of listenings I started to realize these patterns and then used them to make a choice. This greatly increased my score though I might not fully understand (or even not understand at all just picked up some keywords lol) what I just listened to…


I’m halfway through the tests.
So far so good the more I progress the more confidence I have.

What should be my focus in the upcoming days should still be clearing all the tests.
I’m thinking of consolidating what I’ve learned and doing some more kanji-vocab-grammar drills.

Good luck to all test takers our there too.


On the 10th test, I reached another personal record.
I heard people say that this test was a bit easier than the others (12/2020 post covid pandemic, so could be the test maker made it a bit easier to encourage people).

Anyway, I have more confidence to aim for a decent score instead of merely passing the test now. I will try to keep moving and carefully review things.



WTF I got a 52/60 reading for the 12th test.
a score least imagined even in my wildest dream
anyway I don’t think I can break my record anymore but I will keep going.

(and the advice if you are weak at something, do that thing more is really a good one)

ps: just finished the listening section to grade my score. To my surprise, my listening score is so crazy thus giving me a new personal record at this 12th test… I cannot believe it…


How are you getting scaled scores on practice tests? AFAIK, the score scaling data is secret, so the best you can do is just count raw accuracy on practice tests, with no idea how that might translate to a scaled score.


I’m in an Asian country, here everything is possiburu loh. jk

Anyway the score will have some discrepancy with the actual one, but the amount of practice tests I’m doing (17 in total), should give me an average view of what I should expect for the score.

And if you want to have a tool for your own practice test, use this for reference. I’m using a different one but this should be close.


Test day in 2 weeks, I only have 4 tests left to finish.
I should be having 3 tests left atm but actually I was lazy the other days so…

So far so… okay I guess. After the all-time high score, I got a bit lazy but I’m happy that I am back on track. What’s next for me in the last days should be:

  1. Finish all the tests

  2. Work on my weak points and notes in my Anki
    (after every test, I will scan through, note down things I need to work on, and put them into Anki. So it’s likely that I won’t be getting that item or similar item wrong again)
    2.1 Consolidate and maybe do some more grammar vocab, and read some more if I have time.
    2.2 Listening drills (passive listening, JLPT listening questions)

  3. Have proper rest mentally and physically, so I would be in good condition on the test day.


Today I’m at the final test.
The lazy news is that I’m procrastinating as always, thus still have 2 tests left: this final one and the one I missed previously.
I don’t know if I can make it, I need some boost…
TBH it might be because videos games, SNS mobile phones such things distract me.

ahhhhhhhh ~ I need some energy boost at this final week ahhhhhhh


ps: thanks to ChatGPT. I have a plan for the next week


Pls remember not to overdo it the days before the test. I’d actually recommend you stop studying and only do some very light review. And try to get enough sleep and nutrition before the test, that can make a huge difference!
You got this!


hi Thubanshee-san, much thanks for your continued support. I really appreciate it.
I will carefully pace myself in this final week. :saluting_face:


I completed all planned tests, except one…
I plan to use it as a final prep test before the day (I won’t do it on the last day before the test don’t worry xD).
I think what is important is having a good condition (sounds like an athlete lol) but yeah I will rest more and stay positive.

Goodluck to all test takers out there.

ps: as a summary, I scored above 100 for 14/16 tests with an average of 115 points. This is not quite decent score for N1 player but I think that’s all I need for the goal. I will try to be consistent in my routine till the test day.

Time management is still a key. I even bought a simple CASIO watch just to time myself.


3 weeks before the test you should stop learning information and focus on review of what you spent this time learning. Good luck everyone. :slight_smile:


thanks, I put everything into my Anki so…
I’m doing Anki daily.
I’m thinking of consolidating everything today and tomorrow.


1 day left…

I decided that I will take a day break tomorrow to have some fun with friend.
Then will do a bit of a lucky review thing at night. And the most important thing is go to sleep early lol…
There is not much to panic, I will give my best.


Phew test done…

Tbh I shouldnt say I am happy with my performance but I think taken into consideration the preparation so far I think the yesterday version of me has been the best one of all the JLPTs I have taken.

A bit “regret” for the moji goi section cause I think I could get some easy points. The reading many ppl considered it hard but for me was okay cause I had been spending much effort on it. Finally, the listening for me is kinda near average performance. I dont think I did well on listening but the previous practice helped me to listen better and understand its structure.

Overall I think I might have a chance to pass as I was not quite confident after some checks on the internet post-test. In the worst case I will consider the December try.

Initially I was thinking I am done with Japanese after this N1, cause I am not using it at all in my job nor life. But then I think then why bother to go so far, or at least starting at all? Something inside still drives me to learn. Maybe because I kinda like the Japanese culture, food or the beauty of the fleeting things…

The journey never stops even after N1.

“What is the function of a language?” I have been asking myself. Its a means of communication, of emotion: angry, love or even loss… I guess I now need not to learn the language, but to learn how to acquire it.

I will just keep going then.


Love that outlook! It would be such a pity to stop after all that effort you put in. Even if you’re just keeping up with a little reading every now and then or are going to your local Japanese community’s events, that’s already both a “use” you’re getting out of your Japanese and practice.

Hoping you passed, but in case you failed you can try again in December with me haha


I’m thinking about how to do WK effectively when working full-time, as I intend to reset to level 43 to polish my Kanji knowledge.

I don’t think it will be the most effective way but I will try. Or maybe

ps: Also another narrative, as I don’t wanna swim in the pool of review anymore cause I’m doing Anki daily. I can do more listening to native materials and also read more… it feels much more time-wise and comfortable than drilling reviews…