The JLPT 2021 Thread

I’ve made the thread here, for anyone who might be interested!


i remember handing the payment for july 2020 n4 to our teacher but i forgot if we really got registered xD. ill check my emails later.
but jlpt 2020 was cancelled in our country and no schedules yet for 2021… i’ll register for n4 when it’s back


July 2021 is still scheduled to happen here, and I just registered. Feeling nervous, official exams are always scary no matter how many times I do them.


Overseas locations list is up!


The July 2021 test application is finally open for those taking it in Japan! It closes in mid April.

I’m pretty nervous about signing up. To give myself the best job opportunities, it makes sense for me to take the N3. I did some practice questions earlier and got 7/17 with silly mistakes costing me 2 questions. Ideally, I’d like to get to somewhere around 70% accuracy consistently. I realize there’s only 3 more months though. Ahhhh


What do people put down for their hours studied? I honestly have no clue. I haven’t bothered to keep track.

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I just put down the second from the most option. I felt bad about putting down the most, but then I also don’t know whether my answer was wildly under or wildly over my actual hours studied. For reference I’ve been pretty casually learning over the past 5 years, so I wouldn’t even know what to count as studying time.

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Wait, you got a question about hours studied? I didn’t. Or at least I don’t remember answering it.
Just about where I’m learning, where/how I’m using Japanese, what certificates I did in the past.
Our questionnaire is digitized, but I don’t think it should be important? It’s not a reason to skip some questions. We get an info it isn’t obligatory, though, and if someone didn’t complete it due to some technical issues or due to accidentally closing the browser, it’s fine, it doesn’t matter.

Maybe someone mentioned it earlier but I missed it, I tried googling it too. Did the test fee increase for 2021? In 2019 I paid ¥5500 but this year I paid ¥6500. Anyone have any information?

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Yes it increased due to Covid. The costs for arranging the test venues have become more expensive.

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Pretty similar story here except I took Japanese Linguistics classes some years ago. I don’t know if those should even legitimately count though because I was taking them as a linguistics student who didn’t know any Japanese. I also ended up putting down a similar amount.

I did, it was marked required, and it had no option for idk/NA.

I would have skipped it if possible. It’s a very poorly designed question.

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I had kinda figured it was something to do with COVID but there’s no notice on the website about this increase that I can find. Can you tell me where you found this info?

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I recall it being mentioned somewhere in either emails or news updates

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You can do a lot in 3 months, I think :slight_smile: . Looking at your sentences I think you’re already on a good way!

I kind of looked at the calendar again and I think I’ll aim for N3 or around that in July 2022 (next year). Let’s see… Hopefully, the COVID situation stabilizes by then. It doesn’t look that bad in Japan, but in some European countries it’s pretty bad.

Thank you, I appreciate your confidence :slight_smile: While I think it could be possible, I realized I would probably stress myself out to an unhealthy degree, so I signed up for N4 instead.

You got this! I think it’s good to be hopeful about the situation too. With the introduction of vaccines, it seems like we’re on the track to recovery.

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