The JLPT 2021 Thread

Yeah, there is a point system and N2 contributes 10 points, N1 15 points towards the goal.

It will definitely stick with me, and I hope it won’t leave me until the next JLPT. ^^"

Thank you! :blush:

Edit: I checked the point calculator and it’s actually 5 points more than I remembered^^


Been looking into that recently as well, seems like if you’re working in engineering there’s a chance to reduce the amount of years you need to apply for it. I’m not confident I’ll pass the N1 though, but at least there’s N2.


Eyyyy. Another fellow Akitan! Where do you live? I’m in Akitashi~

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Also Akita City!

I’ve been here since 2013, first as an ALT and now doing web development.


How fun! I also came here as an ALT, been here since 2019~
How did you get into web development?


Hey guys ! They said that the jlpt in london might open see you guys there!!!


Not him but I’ve seen A LOT of ALTs that go into a coding bootcamp and then look for jobs. It’s crazy just how common this is, simply because it is easier to come in as an ALT / Student.


Well, it helps that I’ve been a lifelong tinkerer when it comes to programming. I taught myself BASIC on my dad’s Windows 3.1 machine back in the early 90s, and have been teaching myself various programming languages and doing personal projects since then. I had one part time job maintaining a college website, and otherwise had just done personal projects.

I had a friend in town that worked a local webdev/data server company. After my five years on JET were up, he said I should I apply. So I did and I got a job as an engineer.

I had (still have) a spousal visa at the time, so that also made things easier overall.


That’s really cool! Thanks for sharing~! What level is your Japanese, if you don’t mind my asking? Seeing that you’re a fellow level 20, but you’re already working in an (I’m assuming) Japanese job, how’s that work?


Did you get your results?

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Thanks for asking, but the JLPT has a nearly two-month turnaround time… nobody in this thread will have any idea how they scored until the end of January at the earliest!


I’m in the same situation as you. (First time taking JLPT at N4 Level) Like you, I felt pretty confident about the first two sections and then the listening section came and wrecked me. It wasn’t even so much I didn’t understand it, it was just hard to figure out the answer to the question in such a short amount of time, or for some it felt like more than one of the answers would work.

I am glad I pushed myself to take the test and I also realized it doesn’t matter if I do or don’t pass: If I passed, then yay and maybe I’ll think about taking the N3, and if not, I’ll still keep studying.


Well, I had N3 when I applied for the job in 2018. It was tough. I’ve always been really inconsistent with studying, and I was terrible at speaking (still am relatively, but I’ve gotten significantly better since then).

I had to report to my boss every day in Japanese though, and talk to most of my other coworkers in Japanese, and so I slowly got better. The office is majority Japanese with four foreign hires.

My weakest area has always been kanji. I’m doing WaniKani now as a kind of, “Okay, let’s finally get kanji settled” sort of thing. I feel like I’ve known more than 80% of all the vocabulary I’ve seen so far on WaniKani… but I barely know any of the kanji.

I actually started WaniKani back in 2013. I wish I would’ve stuck with it.

I took N2 this month. I don’t feel confident that I passed (largely due to the kanji problem), but I don’t feel sure that I failed either.


I passed N2 last year and I still struggle when discussing complicated requirements and technical matters :rofl:. It takes time, but I’m much better than last year for sure


I just looked it up and apparently it was published a few hours ago:

*for countries other than Japan, China, Hong Kong / Macau, Taiwan and Korea

I am looking forward to the results :eyes:


For a second I thought that said today and my heart skipped a beat… And then I saw January 24th… And then I saw countries other than Japan…


We have dates! If you log into MyJLPT, you will see:

The test result for the second JLPT in 2021 (December) is available on MyJLPT from January 24 (Mon).
The test result notice is planned to be sent out on February 7 (Mon).
The application of the Certificate of Result and Scores starts from January 25 (Tue).

This seems to apply to all territories (I’m in Japan). I know that I didn’t pass, but it will be nice to feel “finished” with the test.