The JLPT 2021 Thread (RESULTS OUT NOW!)

@Rinkhals How ya doing? I passed :partying_face:


Yeah, I couldn’t get it on the US website either. I found it buried in my downloads folder.


Oh being so close really hurts :sweat:

You made an excellent go at it anyway; like Wantitled said, you’ve totally got this next time.


I heard other people said they couldn’t get access either, so I’m glad it’s not just me x’D But that’s great you found yours! I sent an email, hopefully I’ll hear back from them tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Very surprised I got full score in N1 on my first try!! I only studied Core 10k words for vocab, and I’m pretty sure I answered a couple of reading questions and at least 1 listening question wrong. Thanks for the curve!!

Now I could focus on reading more Japanese books.


Woop woop :eyes: :sparkles:

I honestly thought I did better than that in reading, but I’ll take it xD

(I’ve never gotten out of bed that fast before, had to find my registration number on top of the shelf.)


N3. Mixed feelings here. Expected to fail. Didn’t expect to be so close to passing, just 1 point… :sweat_smile: I ran out of time at the reading section :pleading_face: If anyone has any tips/books recommendation for reading, I’d be so happy to hear.

Congrats to everyone else! I’ll try again in December 2022.


You’ll have it next time for sure!

As for the reading section, one strategy is to read the questions first, so you know what to look for. Another is to do the passages in order of the ones that have the most questions- if Passage A has 3 questions and Passage B has 1 question, it’s advised to work on Passage A’s questions first.

Additionally, here’s a general test prep guide, the section about taking the test may be relevant for you


For your question “how else would you do any of the other sections?” I used 新完全マスターN1,N2,N3 for 文法 (I didn’t sign up for N2, N3, N4, so I need those books to build the foundation); speed master N2 and power doriru N1 for 語彙; and I did the past exams from 2011-2014.


I passed N3 with 145/180. Listening is even one point better than reading. Eventhough I always thought of listening as my weakest point.


So, I passed ! I am very happy. I am just a little disappointed in the reading section as I know this can be a strong point of mine, but I spent way too much time on grammar (my bad point). And I just realized now how bad of s strategy it was, since grammar counts with vocab. I should definitely have started with reading, but at least I still could make it.
For listening, well, that’s not too bad considering that I didn’t work on that at all. My only training was my grammar lessons in full Japanese with my online tutor. I guess it’s not too bad. But I will have to change my way of learning and exam strategy if I want to pass N2 :slight_smile:


I not only passed N2 but i got pretty close to getting a full score 178/180. Yay! :grin:

Was pretty confident right after the test but then as weeks went on started doubting myself and was pleasantly surprised today to get a great score :laughing:

Gives me confidence to try N1 this year :wink:


I’m sure you’ll make it! :+1:


For the test prep specifically I haven’t seen a better book then Shin-Kanzen Master. When doing the exercises it’s important to time yourself as it’s often easy enough to find a correct answer if you have an hour but get pretty tricky to do it in 5 minutes.

In addition you should start reading more native content bit by bit. Try reading コンビニ人間 for example. It’s a novel aimed at Japanese adults but it’s pretty short and is reasonably easy. There are even book club threads here on WK reading and dissecting it together.


Passed N4!

Honestly a little bit disapointed with the score of the first part, even if I was out of time for reading and answered randomly to the last 3-4 questions.

Also surprised by the listening section, I did much better than I thought. I remembered understanding quite a lot, but then doubting a lot to choose the correct answer.

Now if I am motivated, maybe N3 in December!




Nooooo! It’s the worst :grimacing:



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Congrats everyone! You guys are legends! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Don’t know how different the US jlpt process is but I took jlpt in Denmark and Norway and in both cases they sent me the test voucher by email so that I can print it out. And the test voucher has the registration number.