(The increasingly less) Daily senryu thread

Monday, August 1, 2022

Previous senryu

  1. 質問をしたら寝ていた事がバレ
    If I ask / they will know I was / fast asleep!


  • Thanks to @superelf94 , @Myria, and @Jonapedia, I learned something today. It’s at least uncommon for an implied subject to change between different parts of the same sentence. @Jonapedia makes a good point that this is especially true when the implied subject is a person: exceptions seem to mostly be for obvious inanimate subjects. All of this makes intuitive sense to me now, and might even lessen my confusion going forward (there’s always hope!).

  • Apologies, but as always I couldn’t resist tinkering slightly with the translation. I was able to get it down to a 3-5-3 by translating 質問をしたら as “If I ask” without using the word “question.” If the Japanese can imply subjects, it seems only fair that we imply a direct object in the translation!

Current senryu challenge

Volume: Corona

  1. リモートで 便利な言葉 “聞こえません!”

Dare I say it? “This one seems pretty easy to read and interpret.”

No hints from me today. The volume should provide enough of a hint for the カタカナ().

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