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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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  1. 「半分こ 上手に割れて姉迷い」
    My halfsies: / So perfect, sister / is flummoxed


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  • Tough call, but “halfsies” made me grin. I don’t think I’ve heard that since I was eight. (Aaaand just now I see that it’s even the JMdict entry for 半分こ, but it still gets the win.)

  • 半分こ is a childish word for splitting up a treat. The law is universal and strictly enforced: one child splits, the other chooses!

Current senryu challenge

Volume: Ladies

  1. 「何とかいう人から電話と留守の母」


Another easy one (famous last words). Nothing past level 16 today, but this Kenkyusha dictionary entry may prove helpful:

なんとか【何とか】 [ローマ字](nantoka)
1 〔不明・不特定なものを表現して〕 something; something or other; anything; 〔人〕 a so-and-so.
►なんとかさん, なんとかいう人 Mr. So-and-So; Mr. What’s-His┏-Name[-Face]; ᐦ《口》 Mr. Thingummy
・なんとか殿下 Prince Somebody-or-other
・佐々木なんとかいう人 Sasaki ┏Somebody [What’s-His-Name]
・あのなんとかいう日和見主義者たち those opportunistic so-and-sos.

Remember to please use the spoiler tag with your translation attempts! Also, please include the reading in kana with your submission.

Everyone is encouraged to participate, no matter your level!

Online tools like dictionaries, sentence databases, and even AI translation engines are fair game and can be extremely helpful. Yomichan is particularly handy if you use the Chrome or Firefox browser. The 語源(ごげん)由来(ゆらい)辞典(じてん) is also an excellent resource for researching the etymology of various words and expressions.

Here are the links to the 356 Japanese originals (spoiler free) and to the the spreadsheet with all the upcoming senryu as well as the translations to date.