(The increasingly less) Daily senryu thread

Sunday, June 26, 2022

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  1. 単純に祖母金持ちと孫信じ
    Simply stated: / Grandchild believes that / grandma is rich


  • :confetti_ball: to LaVieQ

  • It’s increasingly obvious that the ones with a single relatively obvious interpretation are the least fun to discuss, so I’m particularly appreciative of the extra commentary on @LaVieQ’s offering!

  • I noticed that at least one person appears to be reading or re-reading this whole thread from the beginning. (That’s commendable @WovenSapling but don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me! :wink: )

Current senryu challenge

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  1. 食い逃げ追って行った男も帰らない

I love the fact that some of these I can read out loud with no difficulty but not understand, while others (like this one) I can understand (or at least think I understand) while struggling with the reading! I had to look up the reading for the first half of the sentence (but I felt foolish because it seems obvious in hindsight!).

I’d not come across 食い逃げ before but it means what you’d expect (what some Americans call “Dine and dash”).

Remember to please use the spoiler tag with your translation attempts! Also, please include the reading in kana with your submission.

Everyone is encouraged to participate, no matter your level!

Online tools like dictionaries, sentence databases, and even AI translation engines are fair game and can be extremely helpful. Yomichan is particularly handy if you use the Chrome or Firefox browser. The 語源(ごげん)由来(ゆらい)辞典(じてん) is also an excellent resource for researching the etymology of various words and expressions.

Here are the links to the 356 Japanese originals (spoiler free) and to the the spreadsheet with all the upcoming senryu as well as the translations to date.