(The increasingly less) Daily senryu thread

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Previous senryu

  1. 「この人と渋茶すすっている不思議」
    slurping bitter / tea with this person / is something else


  • :confetti_ball: to @Axazel

  • As usual, I’ve taken some liberties (apologies). For some reason I think “slurping” fits better here. At least I kept it a 4-5-4.

  • :trophy: to @Linda0r (welcome!)

  • Another :trophy: to @LaVieQ for a late entry. I’m unsure, of course, but I still don’t think 不思議 has positive connotations here. I think it’s an unusual word choice for explaining being engrossed/distracted .

Current senryu challenge

Volume: Heartfelt (しみじみ編)

  1. 「その夢にあんたもいたと妻が泣く」

This is becoming a pattern! Once again, I can read the words without assistance. Still wondering about the meaning, though.


  • あんた (you) implies either rudeness or extreme familiarity

  • Does the と mean “if”? Or is it setting up a scenario (like quoting)?

  • My initial interpretation (likely wrong as usual) is something like, “If you were also in that dream, my wife would cry”.

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