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Saturday, June 11, 2022

Previous senryu

  1. 失敗をアララですます新社員
    New-hire says / "Oopsie daisy! “Meh, / good enough”


  • :confetti_ball: to @LaVieQ
  • Bult ultimately I chose to go with my translation, as I think the sentiment is about the new employee not worrying sufficiently about their faults.
  • There remains a question over whether this uses 済ます or 澄ます. My best guess is that it’s the former, specifically using it with で. It’s very similar to なしで済ます - Jisho.org except in this case instead of “doing without,” I think it means “doing with an ‘アララ’ exclamation” (as if that sufficed!).

Current senryu challenge

Volume: Seniors

  1. この姑いなけりゃ彼もいなかった


  • I’m not certain, but I think this might be Kansai-ben.
  • (しゅうとめ) was surprisingly a new word for me (mother-in-law with connotations of a bossy, overbearing personality).

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