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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

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  1. 鬼は外」 鬼が豆まき オレは外
    “Oni ha soto”: / oni are throwing the beans / I’m outside


  • Congrats to @alo :confetti_ball: for “closest to the mark”
  • “Oni ha soto” is a set phrase during setsubun (a seasonal festival before the first day of spring). Typically, one or two adults or older kids wear paper masks to dress up as “oni” (demons/devils/ogres) and smaller kids and their parents throw dried beans inside and outside the house to drive away the demons while saying this phrase. (Yes, it’s one of those weird Japanese things.)
  • We aren’t 100% certain in our translation, so I’ve gone with the most literal translation and not translated the stock phrase.
  • My interpretation is that it’s a salaryman being driven outside by his “demon” kids throwing beans (the tradition is residents driving away the oni, this has it reversed).
  • Consider this translation tentative until confirmed by a native.
  • Note that this senryu does include some punctuation (quotation marks)! Rex is wrong yet again: apparently this is allowed.

Current senryu challenge

Volume: Heartfelt (しみじみ(へん))

  1. 棒グラフ伸ばしてくれた子の寝顔


  • Apparently, the Japanese word for a “bar graph” is a “pole graph” (棒グラフ) — I learn something every day.
  • I’m struggling a little to translate this one. Need to ponder.

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