(The increasingly less) Daily senryu thread

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Previous senryu:

  1. 運動会(うんどうかい)()くなその()課長(かちょう)の子
    Sports day: don’t overtake — that’s the section chief’s child.


  1. 抜くmost often means extract/pull-out/etc. but can also mean “overtake”
  2. 5-7-5 is only rough guidance, not every senryu adheres to the rule strictly
  3. @NicoleIsEnough gets the :confetti_ball: for the day. I think she got the closest to the eventual consensus first (admittedly, I was the main holdout for silly grammar reasons!).

Current senryu challenge:

  1. ボーナス日出逢った頃の妻に逢う

@Kumirei has it exactly right: It’s not about finding the best translation, it’s about having fun trying to work out how to best capture the meaning (with style points for “poetic” translations). I really enjoyed teasing out a community consensus yesterday, though.

I’m not yet sure how best to use the spoiler tag. It’s annoying and difficult to hide every Q&A behind a spoiler blur, but it is nice to let people make their own attempts. Maybe make use a spoiler tag for the first few replies each day, but give it up for longer threads?