(The increasingly less) Daily senryu thread

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Previous senryu

  1. 会社へは 来るなと上司 行けと妻
    Regarding going to the office: / “Don’t come!” commands my boss / “Go!” commands my wife


  • Thanks to @Gorbit99 :confetti_ball: for being the only one besides myself to submit a translation!
  • I’m going with my more literal translation, though. Far less poetic, but I think it’s worthwhile to remain as faithful to the original as possible (which means I may need to tweek the weighting).

Current senryu challenge

Volume: Global truths

  1. 雑草の名前わかると抜きにくい

No hints today. The first word may require a dictionary lookup, but otherwise this one should be pretty straightforward.

Remember to please use the spoiler tag with your translation attempts! Also, please include the reading in kana with your submission.

Everyone is encouraged to participate, no matter your level!

Online tools like dictionaries, sentence databases, and even AI translation engines are fair game and can be extremely helpful. Yomichan is particularly handy if you use the Chrome or Firefox browser.

Here’s the link to the spreadsheet with all the upcoming senryu as well as the translations to date.

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