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Sunday, August 21

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  1. 一番湯パパの後には入浴剤

Dad enters the / hot tub first. Next to / get in - bath salts.


  • Traditionally, it was customary for men of the household to use the Japanese home Ofuro first, followed by the women folk. There is a defined 入浴の順番。(Internet suggests that this custom is not strictly followed anymore.)

  • The 4-5-4 English translation is a modified version of @fallynleaf ’s to include the humorous bit in the senryu about the order that is followed in the author’s house (パパ > 入浴剤), around the word 入浴.

  • TIL: Apparently, being the very first to get into the Ofuro is not such a good thing from a health perspective, as noted at the end of the linked article above.

Current senryu challenge

Volume: Heartfelt

  1. 亡夫の靴へふと足入れてみたくなり

Poignant and easy enough, I think.


  • ヒントなし

Welcome back, @Rrwrex !

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