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Saturday, August 14

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  1. モテ方に二十歳からと迄があり

The way to be / popular changes / at age twenty


  • As always, @Myria ’s “stab at it” hit the bullseye. 花丸! (I changed the wording to get to a 4-5-4 syllable count.)
  • @Myria s explanation is worth repeating:
    This is about the best way to explain a senryu. The challenge of reading a senryu is figuring out the unstated stuff. Without looking for it, and by trying to literally translate the senryu as it is, I missed the key point that と is the “and” connector of から and まで.
  • The comment on transition from out of school is also relevant and useful in providing the cultural context for the 20 year age boundary.
  • @macha1313 was headed in the right direction, until I manage to derail her. So sorry! I need to curtail my tongue as it seems to love the taste of humble pie.

Current senryu challenge

Volume: Heartfelt

  1. 友の数あの世の方が多くなり


  • Had to look up あの世 as I haven’t encountered it before.

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