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Friday, August 12

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  1. 「無事着いた」ただそれだけの電話待つ
    “Arrived safely!” / That’s all I wait for / in the phone call.


  • A 4-5-4 translation, based on @macha1313 's entry.
  • 無事着いた seems to be the senryu version of, 無事に到着しました, a well-used phrase in Japanese, meaning “arrived safe”. The related 道中無事 - “safe travels” in English - seems like another useful phrase, but I haven’t seen it used, at least in my limited experience.
  • This senryu is truly heartfelt. As is @macha1313 ‘s attempt, which, even if off the mark, is a senryu for all those in the world displaced by strife and conflict.

EDIT: I realized that there was a subtle mistake in the previous “final version” that I wrote:
“Arrived safe:" / The only phone call / I await
Actually the writer is not waiting for only one call with that message, but rather is waiting for someone to call to say only “arrived safe,” and nothing more. In other words, the ただそれだけ is pointing to「無事着いた」as it comes right after it.

Current senryu challenge

Volume: Global Truths

  1. モテ方に二十歳からと迄があり

Today’s senryu is easy enough, once you figure out the unusual words/kanji. (Then again, don’t pay heed to me, given how off I was on the last one.)


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