The final month of lessons - a certain Bidoof's study log!

You have no idea how true is that statement. The whole relocation plan is pretty much fixed in place now, but the tl;dr is there’s no way from Ireland to get to Germany if you’re ending accommodation on one day and starting living in Germany the next day.

Which isn’t to say that I can’t go there!
I’ll try to share the details of my plan in the following days, we’ll see how it goes :grin:

January 14, 2021
Level: 55
Streak day: 344
Level up: January 17, 2021
Reviews: 677
Apprentice items: 242

Yep, that was another one of those soul-crushing level-up days. Or was it?

I’m feeling way less drained than the same time last Thursday or Sunday, even though I’m not very familiar with the new items yet, I feel as if the morning review was very peaceful and put me in a meditative state. The most difficult review was the Apprentice 3->Apprentice 2/4 items at the end of the day and there weren’t much of those, either way some of those unfortunately went down.

I just wish WaniKani wasn’t taking up so long of my day, but it really wasn’t as terrible as I worried it would have been today xd

I know I went with another Mario track yesterday, but I can’t stop thinking of Caves from Super Mario Odyssey today. SUCH A GOOD TRACK. I just love how it flows :blush:

My company expended me a meal today, which was really nice of them! I got a bigger allowance than I needed, which allowed me to go super extra fancy and basically order all the meals of the day xd

The sandwich alone had 6 slices of bread in it and then mac and cheese inside of it, my lord i love cheese so much.

And yeah, a salmon salad and a greek yoghurt with granola too. I felt like a king, not gonna lie xd

Will have to go on a bike after work tomorrow to burn those meals tho, those are pretty much the only things i ate today and im still swollen :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


January 15, 2021
Level: 55
Streak day: 345
Level up: January 17, 2021
Reviews: 270
Apprentice items: 231

I was pretty glad that my reviews today aligned with the time when I finished work, so I could treat it as an extension of my work and I was done just after that xd

Since I haven’t slept well today either, I spent a lot of time going like “yyyy uuuhhh” though, I’m not sure I’m going to miss those much xd

But yeah, I hope I’ll get some rest tomorrow, as tomorrow’s forecast is less than 200, should be fairly relaxed. Comparatively, at least!

Garden of Hope from Pikmin 3, a track to which I owe a few of my level ups. I’m starting to realize that I really like mornings, I like the sun that goes up, the smell of the sea breeze early in the day, those things are among something I’d like to appreciate more.

YouTube lately is proposing me three types of videos that I wasn’t very much into, but for some reason the algorithm decided I might be into that, so I just keep on clicking to find out what this is about!

The first one is music compilations, often of lofi or music deemed inspirational. When I’m at work, I tend not to put up any music, but that’s mostly because I simply forget to do so xd
I use music to heal, so when I put up a playlist it’s usually because I want to escape to that fictional world. Despite me being very deep into social commentary videos, sometimes I just don’t want to keep up with whatever’s going on with the world, that’s why I’m glad those ones show up.

Speaking of keeping up with whatever’s going on with the world, the second type of videos is a direct antithesis to that - it’s videos that show people that live slowly and take their time to appreciate their life, either by studying, scrapbooking or simply having to live in the countryside. I’m so envious of those, I wish I was able to slow my life even just a bit, and there’s gonna be a chance to do so as soon as I’m done with WaniKani :stuck_out_tongue:

Or not, because there’s a third type of videos, and that’s… investment advice videos.
This category really puzzles me because I have no idea how did I even get there, but it reinforces some of my fears in regards to saving up money, that the inflation is chewing through them and even a lazy portfolio would be better than just having a current account where you’d be accumulating some money. I don’t necessarily disagree with that, but the question is… why do I even get those videos in the first place? :thinking: xd

Special shoutouts to @Saida who liked 9 of my posts today, very grateful xd


Mostly because of the pictures! Also mad respect for speed running the fast levels, I don’t think I could handle those review numbers. I’d rather keep mine under 200, doing about 20 lessons a day.