The Epitome of Dedication

Tonight I had 155 reviews to accomplish. It was dinner time and I was hungry. Also one of the most anticipated episodes of Game of Thrones was coming on very shortly. I was tempted to blow off the reviews for the time being. I said NO! Winter is here… in this house!!! I told my wife that I was going to do my reviews and to keep dinner warm. I set the DVR to record GoT.

I unwaveringly worked my way through the reviews pretending I was hacking and slashing the White Walker kanji one by one, possessing the heart of a lion like Brienne of Tarth plowing through the vocabulary, showing the wisdom and knowledge of Samwell Tarly knowing when to use Onyomi and Kunyomi. Aye, it was a back and forth battle, ferocious, seemingly hopeless at times and all is lost…defeat was chasing right on my heels. But I clawed and kicked my way to the last kanji, a real nasty one. It smirked at me arrogant and evil. It knew I would forget again, fall victim to it and throw me back into the pit of review hell. Just as it closed its cold boney hands around my throat, I remembered the rendaku and the pronunciation afterward, and I plunged the correct answer like a dagger through its evil heart. I had bravely defeated that evil little bastard and sent it to Guru to where it belonged.

Once I finished my review battle, I poured myself a well deserved drink like Tyrian Lannister, devoured my hearty meal like The Hound, started GoT on the DVR, and joined the raging war in The North.

Tomorrow morning I will sit on my throne and think back fondly of the previous night knowing that I had vanquished 155 foes and lived to tell the tale. Aye, it was a good night.

But, I hear the war drums of “42+” lessons beating. I am weary but I must persevere against the never ending reviews. Someday I will rise above it all and claim my rightful place in Wanikani royalty. I will accept the crown of the legendary, majestic and all powerful Level 60. It IS my destiny.


Very well written. I enjoyed your story. Keep fighting the foes and keep westeros save.


My goodness, what a catchy and interesting story!! :smiley: I could read stuff like this all day long

Unless you had Taco Bell, then you’ll sit on your throne much sooner.


Pop culture has truly ruined a generation of men.


It didn’t help. Though, I’d also credit their mothers, I’d say fathers if they had fathers, their teachers, their government(s), the new and interesting chemicals in their food, selective breeding, and their employers.

Right. Being told they must be creative to survive in the new economy, then being punished for creativity…

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I am entertained by the thought of you being an old curmudgeon inside waving your cane at the world. “Damn you Elvis and your gyrating hips! Damn you rock and roll hippies! Damn you hoola-hoops and pet rocks! Damn you pop culture for ruining generation after generation of men!” Wave that cane, temeraire! Wave that cane. LOL!


Ahh, I see you caught that! :smile:


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