The Elation/Crushing feeling of Level Transition

So i’ve been using WK around 2 months now, and just tipped over to level 6 today, (I’m a bit of a slowpoke I guess) now WK makes me feel good at times and incredibly angry at others, like getting knocked down to apprentice status for a typo, or the fact that you can’t type numbers to represent well…numbers.

But the biggest thing i noticed is that I have this confusing mish-mash of emotions when I transition to the next level, obviously yay! I’m competent enough to learn more things, this isn’t going half bad, I rock and oh my god how many lessons do i have to do now? I just did like 200 reviews!

Struck me as slightly funny…ah well…guess i’d better get started on these 70 lessons


Ever thought about spitting lessons throughout the days? :slight_smile:


This is a nice idea. I tend to mop up any vocab and do 10 kanji. Then the next day do the next 10 kanji and if I’m feeling confident finish off the rest. If not I leave them until the next day. I also find it quite useful to do the 10 or so lessons then leave it for a bit and come back to it a few hours later and add my synonyms whilst reviewing the meaning/reading.

I get the mixed emotion issue. Just think of it as learning more though - which is a good feeling.

I’ve thought about it, but generally I don’t do so well with…ah…forcing myself to come back to things i’ve left unfinished. I already tend to neglect WK on the weekends in favor of video games and monday morning I’ve got a whole pile to plow through.

In practice, at least thus far, It works better if I get to ground zero and just do them when they come up again.

I mostly get elation when I hit a new level. Sure, there’s lots of lessons, but the only ones I need to do right then and there are radicals.

The crushing feeling kicks in when I do the review that sends those radicals to guru… And I often have to do 20 or more kanji lessons within an hour…

Not to be a downer but this feeling only gets stronger as you go, in my experience! part of me wants to level up as soon as possible (especially as I’m closing in on 60) but the other part just dreads the flood of lessons a new level will bring.

As you get farther in and have an increasing number of leeches and remembering things gets harder with all the similar-looking kanji that pop up, it can be a struggle. So, I guess, focus on the good? And try to clear your current level vocab lessons as much as possible before leveling. There’s a pretty huge difference in anxiety that comes with hitting a new level and only having to deal with 65 lessons instead of 100.

Also I’m going to echo the idea of splitting up your lessons, if you can. Trying to do them all at once is just hell for me. I tend to split them up over 4-5 days. I did it a bit faster in earlier levels, but as I get near the end and the review load gets really heavy, I’ve been willing to slow down a little.


Kanjis of new levels hits me hard. New meanings and figures… Vocab are easier to get used to.


About those typos:
IF you can be honest to yourself, I advice you the wonderful Userscript Double Check. One of it’s features is, that you can retype an answer by pressing BACKSPACE. I have many typos in the readings, but if I really know the reading, I just retype it.
[On the other hand: if I got an answer right, but was not shure about it, than i change it to “wrong answer”, so that i can repeat it]

~T :lion:

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Same for me!

I don’t mind new lessons at all, and I actually enjoy the vocabulary ones, I find myself looking forward to them, as a reward of sorts after memorizing the new kanji! The days right after leveling up and before getting to the new kanji lessons are the most fun for me. :grin:


I thought I was the only one! That’s basically what I use that script for for the most part. :joy:


same for me :slight_smile:

(the real pain is, when I get the vocab in KaniWani… I don’t just type the reading, but I paint the vocab with Google Handwriting Input on my smartphone. It’s so ashaning, when you want to write a kanji, that you should know… but you have no idea how to write it :sob: )

Omg, I love this script! It kind of replaces 5 other scripts I had before! Also the function to don’t accept typos in the english writing is GREAT! Now I don’t just learn Japanese, but I also improve my Englisch writing! (My Englisch is not too bad, but I learned it trough drama series and computer games… so I have no idea how to write crap like “aquaintance” … cold shower)

I mostly get elation when I hit a new level. Sure, there’s lots of lessons, but the only ones I need to do right then and there are radicals.

I used to feel that way until hitting the later levels, where it’s possible to level up in three days if you manage to do both radicals and kanji in one go. But that entails doing dozens of vocab and kanji at once upon transitioning to a new level, which is quite draining!

I think this could be handled better. I feel like I don’t really “level up” until I’ve done all my lessons through the new radicals. I wish I could jump around or unlock stuff for the next level as I work through the previous level’s kanji and vocab. I unlocked 150 lessons right when school started and I’m barely keeping up with reviews. I can’t bring myself to go through a few lessons after slugging through a ton of reviews, either.

Oh, definitely. I got a taste of that just two levels ago. Depending on how busy I am when I hit the freeway, I may still stick to a week per level.

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