The crabigator is a forgiving overlord

I couldn’t find a thread for this (admittedly did not look too hard), but I can’t be the only one this has happened to.

Like, that’s just straight up wrong, I knew it was wrong but took a stab in the dark. “Ooh, you were a little bit off” - yeah nah. What to do. Have you ever been spared the rod by the might watcher?


This thread may be what you’re looking for…:wink:


You can use the Close But No Cigar script so it’ll shake if your answer isn’t exactly correct. Or you can get Double Check so you can mark those answers wrong afterward. Double Check even has an optional Close But No Cigar feature built in.


小さい順 and 大きい順 will both accept both “increasing order” and decreasing order as correct answers.

That said I’d rather the English spellcheck was looser than tighter.


Yeah I remember one existing. Oh well.

Looking at it, it’s only 3 letters off “priority” so I can see why the spell check gave it a pass. Hopefully I get the meaning quizzed first next so I can fail the reading purposefully if I do it again. Or not because it’s only one word.

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This should have been fixed about four months ago, so if it’s still accepting them please let me know!


Worth noting that i do my reviews through Tsurukame so it may be out of your control but it’s definitely accepting both.

Nice! Is there a secret black list now?

I think that app downloads WaniKani in its entirety, so you’re at their mercy when it comes to changes/maintenance/improvements we make. Sounds like they’re using 4+ month old data (but don’t quote me on that, I’m not up to date on third-party apps or their supported features).



Maybe add “superiority” to the blacklist of this item, because it’s close enough to “priority” in spelling to get a pass and really should not, and it seems like an easy enough mistake to make (I think I mistook 優先 for 優秀).

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