The climb to the 🍰, a diary. Let's go to level 60!

I decided to reset to level 20 to have a better start.


I will solve everything in these circles in 3 days. I promise.


Why didn’t you do the reviews first? Trying to make wk harder? :thinking:

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well friendo, I hope you won’t be caught in the same situation as mine when you level up. My 2 cents is using Wani to learn and remember kanjis and vocabs should be our foremost intention, be careful !

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Why? Does doing lessons make you feel like you’re progressing? :thinking:

Since you already did all the lessons, I don’t need to talk much about those… but remember that WK has lessons for a reason (while other SRS systems might not): it’s because they help you with memorization. If you’re doing the lessons just to end up seeing the items 1 week later, you’re losing that powerful effect. That’s why you should take care of reviews first.

I would suggest you to use the reorder script and do the items from your current level first. This way you still get to benefit from the lesson’s effect on learning. Don’t be afraid to level up. As long as you don’t do new lessons, nothing will happen. However, by doing your current level’s reviews, you get to learn them right.

After that, do the reviews from higher to lower level. The higher the item’s level is, the smaller the SRS interval is, which means that it will have a bigger influence on your memorization if you postpone it during x amount of time. For example, adding 5 extra days to a Guru I item can be more problematic than adding those same 5 days to a Master one.


Bookmarking this just in case. Thanks for the thorough explanation and reorder script life hack!

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Just make sure you don’t reorder all your reviews after getting rid of the mountain, otherwise you’ll get used to seeing specific items attached to other specific items more than WK already does.

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okay day 2 boys. only 300 reviews and 50 lessons to go. I will talk more about the reset decision latter. I’m feeling better and better.


update: 9:26 pm, at the end of the day:



Gl ! I’m sure you’ll do great! :wink:

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The problem, though, is that learning new lessons without taking the time to internalise them via reviews means that you’ll have to relearn them over and over again …

WK folks tend to argue about the merit of a lot of things, but the one thing everybody agrees on is that you shouldn’t do new lessons until your review queue is empty.

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1/23 9:32 PM, proudly to say that I’m back. Now it’s time to do everything slowly and steadily.



Good job! Also, don’t forget to review those leeches :slight_smile:


Nice job! I’ve been between 200-600 reviews for most of the last month, just because it’s been difficult to make myself log in and do reviews. I’m finally biting the bullet and knocking out a couple of hundred a day until they’re down to zero, then probably a couple days of maintenance because they all turned into leeches, then back into lessons.

Echoing some previous comments, it’s definitely better to work through reviews until you’re done with them before doing more lessons. Otherwise, your 3 hour/12 hour/1 day review interval gets messed up because the review randomizer selects other ones. You’ve got the reorder script installed, but I still think it’s a bad idea to rely on that heavily. Anyway, looks like you’re in better shape now, but what does the timeline say?

Thank you. I don’t think I would use the reorder script in the near future. Having been used it and actually leveled up quite fast, which you may know already, can pull us into the vocab trap (that is to have a lot of vocab due cause we only just want to learn kanji to level up) Anyway today is a long day to me (I actually graduate today rofl) Oh, here is my review timeline:

9:34 PM, at the end of today. It was quite a long day for me as a lot of things happened. I graduated lol and passed the JLPT test. I’ve solved all reviews as well as leech items. Tomorrow would be the lessons.


The reset decision was made 4 or 5 days ago. I’m quite happy with that decision now as I feel that I’m back on track. That is, I can remember what I’ve studied; I keep track of what I’m about to study (I was lazy back then when I used the reorder script, turned out that we can’t go fast if we want to go far). So, that’s it. Hope that everything is fine from now on. And check back my time in these 2x level, I’ve stayed in level 24 for 2 months. That’s downside but I hope I can get back on my schedule (that’s to barely reach the N2 wanikani levels for the next July JLPT test in my country).

ps: oh I’m a lifetime citizen so I don’t have to rush, keep it easy haha.

So see ya.

I really like @hitechbunny;s lesson balance script; it decides for me what I should learn when, and tries to match your radical, kanji, and vocab progression to each other. I mix it along with @valeth’s lesson cap script, and together they help me keep a fixed pace where I still see progress all the time.

The graphs:

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If you don’t want to learn the vocabulary, then you are just doing yourself a disservice. Getting into the vocabulary trap just happens if you can’t trust yourself with the good use of the reorder script. If you are determine to clear all vocabs on each level then you will have no problem cheating yourself with the re-order script.

What I’m trying to say is that, if you end up in this “trap” then you just have yourself to blame, not the script.
Reviewing the vocabs for each level is actually what makes the kanji stick a lot better as well, without them you should probably look for another source to study kanji :smiley:

Just saying, not to sound like I’m bashing on you or something! Wasn’t my intention at all!

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Well, it’s 74 days, 14 hours since I got no progress and been tried to get back on my study. I decided to reset to level 20 about a week ago (I was 24 back then) to have a good start. So far everything has gone well. I solved all the lesson and reviews but still got about 100 leeches.

Tomorrow would be another 100 reviews I guess, I will try to solve all of them meanwhile try to solve the leech. Doing the leech review actually quite useful as I can revise some “tricky” words like eikou and kouei; human nature and human feeling (I don’t remember exactly but so f*ing tricky pairs). So far so …okay.

See you guys later.

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congrats. we still have long way to go !

Hi, I’m not dead yet : )). I’m at level 21 (again). I’m not wasting 199 bucks and will try to finish this topic when I’m at level 60 and be so proud to share it to reddit. before that, I need to be consistent and determined. hell yea. so, here I am, at level 21 (again)

I have been in try hard mode (in an online game, sadly), in other words, I got so absorbed in the game that I even ignore wanikani reviews. This happened when I have life-time subscription. It felt like I was not in a hurry anymore (maybe this was subconscious xD) because well, I was a lifetime sub haha. Another reason (I know that I’m trying to justify myself here lol) is that I feel I can spend my time to another way of study (I discover learning with text and lots of resources that base on self-study method. I don’t know how to express my idea but you guys can watch Steve Kaufman’s videos on youtube about language learning. I suit me quite well and really affirm my ideas of language learning, as I’ve learned another language, which is English, in a very “traditional” way. Oh, maybe I’m just rambling.)

Anyway, have fun studying and target a goal in language learning is a good technique. My current target is to get N2 this July (that doesn’t mean anything to language fluency, but getting a certain certificate in a language does have some advantages and not a bad goal)

ps: I did notice that sadly I still forgot to use past tense in my writings. This happens when I speak English as well. I have tried to correct myself a lot but same things still happen. What should I do? any advice?

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Did you reset? If so, from which level?

Er, I’m a native speaker so take this with a grain of salt, but could you try keeping a diary where you just write about what you did during the day? So literally everything has to be in the past tense. Maybe drumming it in like that will help to make it stick.