The climb to the 🍰, a diary. Let's go to level 60!

LV 14 now. And I got the burn items !
13 BURNED :biking_man:

Currently using the scripts actually make thing a bit faster I guess. I still feel okay with that pace and still try to learn all vocabs. Also, I enrolled in the wanikani level race topic: Who Wants to Challenge Me to a Race?


Lv 15 now. The time is reduced (took me 10 days but that’s a victory ). Could be a bit sooner if not for too much Youtube :joy: anyway it’s great I must try my best in the next level. Go !!:biking_man:

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Lv 16 now. Finally I know how to use the Reorder script setting properly and understand how Wani works. This is perfect for next levels.

I intend to sort the radical and Kanji first (so I can maintain a good speed. The tricky part that I now realize is I have to set the “balance” of the script to “タイプ”. Before I was using “レベル” and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t sort radical and Kanji first rofl. I separate the vocab section into 20 - 30 words per section so I won’t be overwhelmed, and I read somewhere it may make me remember vocab better rather than learning all vocabs in one go.

Also, I try to focus on being right (which means having about 90 percent correct answers) rather than super skim through the whole section when doing reviews. The latter habit really punish my level up and make me somewhat neglect the true purpose of learning, which is to learn and remember new things, not being fast. Somehow it contradicts the first paragraph, but I think I can go fast without sacrificing too much study (which is 10 percent here).

Finally, I wish the future me the best and always keep the motivation to work hard. I wish I can return to this post some day telling my past self: “well, I’m at (levels) 60 now :grin:”.



Lv 17. Lol it was a bit unexpected that I got level up today. Anyway, for the past week I’ve learned about how Wani works (really late but it’s better late than never I guess). I am thankful to other members for sharing how they do Wani everyday.

I feel a bit more confident that I can constantly level faster while maintaining the quality of my study. It’s very tempted to skip the vocab when we can level up just by radical and Kanji. I will try to not fall into this way and “burn” everything.

I wish you guys the best.

Lv 18 now. LOL it was a roller coaster. I didn’t do many reviews but somehow it still helped me level up real fast. Doing reviews with reorder scripts really saved time, but somehow we have to manage to keep up with the vocab learning and maintain a good study habit. I will talk in later level when I have enough experience with scirpt. So far it’s going okay, as long as I keep in mind to study vocabs xD

Took me 12 days to finally be here. Just some bad mistakes that delayed me about 2 days. I’m having a full time job now so it would be a bit hard to maintain a good study habit (but I think I can manage). Actually this is not a bad result cause I thought I would end up delaying my wani study forever when I started my fulltime job. However, I was lucky that I had known about how to use Reorder script already and got some great advice from forum friends to develop a way to get around: to be on track while you can’t spend much time on wani.

I decide to do the review 2 3 times a day, separated by at least 4 hours. The first review would be when I wake up, then another would be in my lunch break. The last one would be in the evening after I come home. Turn out to work quite well, so I would just try to follow this schedule. At this point, using Reorder scirpt is a must if you still want to be on track and not being drifted for too long in a level, especially if you have a full time job or can’t commit too much of your time. I still have about 50 - 90 vocabs not learned, but I try to maintain my unlearned vocabs at this number. It should take you a total of 1 hour / day to do all this (I also try to push myself to learn ~10 vocabs / day at my lunch break)

Just a quick note, sorry for my bad grammar. I wish you guys keep your motivation to work hard and reach level 60, and I wish myself the same! cheers


I’m lv 20 now, entering “Death” section. Faster than I had expected. Gotta go to work now so I won’t update much. Will try to put more detail later if I have. See you guys.


Haven’t quite figured out how to do this myself yet, but good to know from you that it makes a difference.

Thanks for this link :blush: ! I’ve seen all sorts of charts and graphs in assorted posts and comments, but couldn’t figure out where people were getting them from. Cheers!

It really makes a lot of difference. Going to higher level means that more reviews bulk up everyday. Currently I always have about 100 vocabs everyday no matter how hard I tried the day before to review all of them. And if you want to learn new Kanji and vocab that just takes lots of time.

So, a reorder script is a must for somebody who don’t have much time like me. Of course, nothing has a shortcut. We have to sacrifice a number of vocab (I mean that the number of vocab that we don’t have time to review if we just sort Kanji and radical to learn). Even using script I still have to be strict to myself in order not to f*k up xD, which is having more than 200 reviews and 100 new words waiting.

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I"m 21 now, into the Hell section lol. Everything is still on track, and I’m happy about that. I would be at lv 22 when I took my next JPLT test this December. Wish everyone who takes JLPT with me luck. Good night guys it’s late in my country.


edit: oh I mistook the section, I’m entering “Death”, not Hell (luckily rofl).

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22 now. It’s weird that in forum I was still at level 21. I’m trying to slow down to have better reviews and sovling those piled up vocabs that I didn’t have time to learn. Everything looks good. Ganbarou ! cheers

edit 1: that’s crazy. Forum still haven’t updated my level. Anyway, I manage to solve all my reviews hooray LOL. Now time for vocabs.

level 11 soon to me!!

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Nice job :grin:

23 citizen. 1 day later than efficient time. So far so good :sparkling_heart:

nothing much to talk about the past week. I started my N2 in-depth study, began to practice more shadowing and tried to immerse myself in more Japanese resources. Oh, I discovered Satori Reader. It was quite great despite the fact that I had to pay to read more articles (but I guess it’s just how everything is). Another alternative if you are interested is

So, what did you guys study during past week?

I will come back later to update more. See you guys again!

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24 now. So many things to do next week but I’m procrastinating. I feel bad but anyway I manage to climb to 24 lol. I was so lazy this week that I was merely using scripts to level up (what a shame of me). At the moment I get 290 reviews, 284 lessons due :frowning: I think I still can clear all of them. But, f*uck that’s hard, especially the lessons.

I decided to become a lifetime member. However, somehow it was a reason to be lazy cause you don’t have to worry about your subscription anymore when you have a “lifetime” to learn :smile: That should be two sides of a coin I think. I try to reaffirm myself that I’m here to study as dedicated as I can as I promised to myself when I started this journey. So, I will try hohooo. Also, the “lifetime citizen” violet circle near my avatar is cool, too. :haha:

Ps: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

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I’m on vacation so I put wani in vacation mode. 1 day has passed. I post this to make sure that I keep track of my wanikani so I can go back. Lol I don’t know this is good or bad side of Lifetime citizen :confused:

Hi guys, normally this time would be my level update. But as some of you may know I messed up my vocab learning and reviews so probably I have to spend a few weeks to put everything back on track before I’m ready to go on. So instead of posting my level update, I put in here my current review every day, and try to recount of what I have done every day to make sure I’m not being lazy (again).

I have done more than 100 reviews today. Here are my stats after just finishing a review session. Somehow the leech training script just doesn’t show anything after I do one leech training session. I tried to reinstall it but it’s still the same. Currently, it’s 7:34 PM in my country.


Day 10.5 of level 24. It’s 8:53 AM. I’ve done 89 reviews. This is my first review session of the day. I will update more.


It’s 8:05 PM, the 2nd review session. I got about 130 reviews this session. I’m feeling better now as I have found a way to go around this piles of reviews and solve them. I post my srs details instead of the circles in the dashboard.


I will try to do another review session for today if I can.


Day 11.5 (stay) at level 24. It’s 10:26 AM. I didn’t get enough sleep last night so I’m feeling tired now. But I said to myself I must keep up and go on, even 1 or 2 reviews are good. I’ve tried to do 10 reviews. I will try to do 1 or more review sessions for today.

It’s 8:30PM today. I just did 133 reviews. I tried to complete all low srs items, as you can see the “red” ones are reduced significantly (only 28 items left after this review session). I will try to do one more review session for today.


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