The climb to the 🍰, a diary. Let's go to level 60! (59 now) 🔥

Tuesday, January 5
I will level up tomorrow.
59 here I come~~~~


Wednesday, January 6
I level up to 59.
about 101 lessons and a small durtle radical shows up.
feels like 60 is there.


Friday, January 8

Happy weekends incoming ~~
so far so good.
I just decide to chill while determinately taking 10 lessons/ day.
Probably will take a week and a half to finish level 59.
on de way to you-know-where.


Wednesday, January 13

well I’m not level 60 yet xD
just back from … another vacation mode (yeah well)
however base on my procrastination routine probably I will complete my 60 before having another lurking xD

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Thursday, January 14

I reach 7000th enlightened items!


Saturday, January 16

Wondering why it takes me so long to reach 60?

well tbh I don’t know…lol it feels like I’ve been kinda getting off the track (though I still try to 0 review everyday). Most people who are at final levels like me will get to 60 like a breeze. Why I feel like my pace is like being a snail ? :snail:

maybe I have some more free time these days that it makes me lazier…
I remember the time when I was so busy but managed to do wk review everyday and even leveled up at a steady pace.
It’s kinda ironic.

But I will try to reach 60. That’s for sure. Let’s just do 10 lessons at time.


You are going your current speed because you are waiting for me to catch up to you in February :wink: