The best thing to have happened to the Internet since LLN!

First we had Language Learning with Netflix

… now we have Language Learning with Youtube!

Oh, happy day!


I’m replying to this to bump it up so that as many people as possible can see it!

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interesting… I wonder how effective it’ll be.

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I’m using it now (while watching Sailor Moon), and it’s not great. Even with my level of Japanese I can see that the Japanese subtitles it provides (I’m not using the auto-generated English) are often wrong! Sometimes terribly so. But having auto-pause after each line of dialogue, and the built-in dictionary (just as in LLN) are really useful.

Yeah, they really have’t got it perfected yet!

The subtitles it provides are just the same as the auto-generated subtitles already on YouTube. So, yeah, the main advantage is just the auto-pause and built in dictionary functions I reckon.

Ah I figured so. The netflix extension is great because it already pulls from available subtitles, which you know are human created. I guess it’ll still be useful on videos that have proper subtitles since you can reliably check the word right then and there.