The Beginning of the Journey

Hello, fellow learners!

I have just begun the website recently. What rate of learning would you all recommend to finish the course at a moderate pace while still learning the content thoroughly? (I am currently at 5 radicals a day and have no clue is this is too slow or not.)

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I just made this recently for a friend. It shows you the progress and workload if you follow this schedule. Let me know if you have any questions about it. What kind of workload are you looking for?

Ah, well. This depends on a lot of things:

  • How much time you have to spend on WaniKani per day
  • How accurate you’ll be during reviews
  • How much your own brain can handle at once

It’s certainly possible to just do all of your lessons at once. There are several users here who do so. However, doing this kind of requires you to have really high accuracy on your reviews. Once you get a bunch of items wrong, you see that many reviews pop up that much more often and it’s easy to get burned out (+500 reviews per day once you’re burning turtles, too).

There are also people who aren’t in a hurry at all or don’t feel like they have the capacity to remember everything at once. These people tend to recommend about 20 lessons a day or capping your Apprentice and Guru items at a certain limit. If this is how you want to go, it’s worth considering the lifetime subscription. Then you can take all the breaks you need if you end up going faster than you can handle.

It’s best to just test out for yourself what you’re comfortable with. 5 radicals per day is pretty slow. If you feel like you can handle more, then go for it. :slight_smile:


hello i thinkyou are so slow

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Slowness isn’t an issue. Everyone has their own pace. :wink:

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