The beginning of my WaniKani Journey Diary

Hello to anyone reading this!

I decided to make a diary of my progress through WaniKani. It seemed like a great way to hold myself accountable, as well as make some new possible friends.

I started learning hiragana and katakana a couple years ago simply for fun after falling in love with Ramen at a local restaurant, and watching several anime shows. That progressed to learning sentence structure, and various types of kanji using some apps on my phone. I know somewhere between 200-300 kanji, but have never understood why sentences and words appear the way they do. Learning both the on’yomi and kun’yomi was something I was not doing, but WaniKani has helped make the apparent importance of both quite clear already!

I am at level 2 so far, and things are going well. I bought the program in a haste, but am not sad about it. This website seems like a wonderful tool, and community as well to grow and learn.

If anyone was wondering what applications I’ve used just ask. They are wonderful for learning how to draw the kanji, as well as know the definition.

I’ve spent a month in Japan last year in which I traveled around, ate ramen, and snowboarded until my heart content.

I’m excited for for the journey, and would be happy to share any stories, tips, or cultural aspects of Japan I discovered during my travels and research!



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