The 0/0 Streak Challenge


Checking in for level 43!


only level 4 again but this might be another cool thread to motivate me and keep me on track!


I think that makes 10 levels in a row! Banzai!


Oh right, I forgot to post it in the morning today :eyes: \o/


炎の蛇さん、レベル十三おめでとうございます! :champagne:


How do you show how many days on level?


This script:


Only 31? Slacker.


Thank you! I didn’t see this message until now, so thank you for answering for me!! :grinning:


It doesn’t often happen and won’t last long^^


Congratulations and welcome to the forums :confetti_ball:


Honestly this is by pure chance. I just saw this again in the recent community topics and took a look at my lessons and reviews.


Ah got it, thanks!


It’s been a couple(?) months since I was down to 0/0 - finally finished the lessons that have been sitting for a while. Been whittling them down since restarting after the holiday breaks, and taking a slower pace has been refreshing. ^~^


Nice, that’s impressive

I used to do that on the low levels but it has got harder since I don’t know many kanjis from the upper levels and had to slowdown a bit c:


Maybe it is cheating doing this right after finishing a level, but I just achieved level 5, and decided to get it all done asap while I am still low level and not dealing with levels 1-3 haunting me. This makes 2 levels in a row now.


0/0 for lvl 15! Lvl in an hour+ some!

I’d it just me or does lvl 15 really not have that many items?


Some kanji unlock 4-5 words all at once and some only unlock one or two, and then more in later levels when paired with more complex kanji. They overdid it with 百, like holy crap we get it, but 季 only gets one vocab at 14, then 19, then 29. Levels 14 and 15 are where radical learning drops off, and level 14 has 20 less vocab than the levels before it, depending how you do levels, you probably just didn’t unlock the heavy vocab kanji at the end.


I’ve gurued all the kanji except for the last 4 which only unlock when you guru the radicals. I guess the few radicals and lack of vocab from lvl 14 might do it. Unless those 4 all unlock multiple vocab items maybe this’ll be a thing that keeps, so adjusting daily items might make sense…

I usually do 25 new items per day, starting with radicals - kanji - vocab, and on a normal level that leads close enough to 0/0 on the last day that I maybe have to do a couple extra or less on a few days. This time I had maybe 3 days where I could actually do 25! :joy:

(not that I mind some relaxation, just feels weird after 10 levels of 25+items per day)


This will last about one day straight, it’s lovely (at least lesson wise, but you understood that)