The 0/0 Streak Challenge


Level 40!

I totally didn’t spend almost two months on level 39 and then leveled up without getting 0/0
I’m not drowning in leeches, you are!


Level 6 Checkin!

I basically had 0/0 for level 5 but only for a splitsecond as i leveled up while bringing reviews to 0 but then levelup lessons were added.


Level 4 halfway to the big one


What does that mean? :open_mouth:

Anyways, here’s my tribute:

Level up! in 6 hrs!


I like spending time with Wanikani when it’s 0/0, it fills me with a special feeling.


Level 5 has the most kanji to learn in a level and a fairly large chunk of vocab to learn too. I’m halfway through level 4

  1. Good luck to the kanji and vocab in level 5
  2. I like your avatar. We match. Kind of.





After over 100 days on level 16 before 0/0, here is level 17 done in 2!! :ok_hand:

Thanks to everyone for your kind words last post, encouraged me to get here this soon!

皆さん ありがとう!

Here’s to seeing you for level 18!


Halfway through level 12!



13 days later! Level 24 ゼロゼロ despite of power outage happened twice and there was no water today and my master < guru.


It’s been about a month since I had any 0-0s. And right before bedtime! おやすみ!


Bonus…'cuz now I have the whole day free to do graded readers and NHK for schools


maybe it’s a level 9 thing


Well for me it’s literally just because I’ve been busy moving house. Also I work full time.

But seriously the number one reason I don’t get to 0-0 more often is because I’m lazy haha


I don’t feel good when I’m not 0/0



Sadly, although the 0/0 was correct, the next review time was one big WK bazinga!. I logged on to get to the forums and found 36 reviews waiting like a pop quiz.


Practically zero, for very small values of 257…


257 is trivially close to 0 if you consider all the possible numbers allowed by mathematical axioms


Exactly, the case.