The 0/0 Streak Challenge


New here, but I guess I might as well.


Finally for level 16!!

Just don’t look at how long it took me… :weary:


The important thing is you keep going! Congrats, I know it’s always hard when you take a break or otherwise let Wanikani get away for a bit, but it’s better to make slow progress than no progress etc. etc.!


The hard part is done, breaking down that wall. Good job.


You got there, dude! Getting to 0/0 is worth celebrating, no buts.


Been like this every day since I started 19 days ago. I plan to keep it like that.


82 days in level 21, 3 days to 22
Guru count is a little high


Huff… Puff…

Rushed through 200 reviews and 45 lessons in an hour and a half, but I’m 0/0. Just a few hours 'til I ascend from 地獄 to 天国, too.


I didn’t get down to 0 lessons on level 12, but here’s 13


I have made it !!

I’ll try to do the same on the next levels!

Keep on going!!




Ladies and gentlemen, I give you level 8!




Do reviews


I hit level 5 and immediately did all available lessons :sweat_smile:


Yaay \o/ This one was a bit easier, because I remember almost all of the kanji:D


I could never remember that much!


I was supposed to do this a couple of hours ago, but I forgot (and the internet went out…).
Good thing I still remembered to take a screenshot


these reviews will hit like a truck :open_mouth:


I manage, somehow. In reality it is because the first many levels of WaniKani is mostly review of things I have learned in the past, but I have mostly forgotten because I don’t use/read Japanese every day.