The 0/0 Streak Challenge



I feel like this slow and steady rhythm is the one for me! 5/5, happy as a daisy, but now comes the rough part. This thursday I’m leaving for Japan and I’ll stay there for 40 days. I might as well say goodbye to Wanikani because I’m not sure I’ll be seeing much internet nor much ‘official’ Japanese studying there. But I’m pretty sure I’m gonna level up to 46 just before leaving!


I’ve been eyeing this thread for an extremely long time hoping I could one day post here and I… have finally made it


You did it!



And I only have 155 reviews to do tomorrow!


I just came here to say that every time I read your username, I say it in my head as pineapPEL.


Hmm, I read it as :fountain_pen::pineapple::apple::fountain_pen:


I should be studying for a test, but…


I’m level 3 I swear!!! (if my level still says 2 lol)


Log back in and out! That’ll fix it~


For the first time, it’s been really hard to be 0/0, but finally made it.
I think that moving to a different continent didn’t help at all :wink:


I will wait for a real challenge


Oi, that’s not 0/0!

Securityyyy! We got another one over here!


I’m back after my 6 days holiday. I hope I can decrease all those Apprentice items tomorrow :persevere:


This one was a bit more difficult :sweat:



頑張って !! :books::fried_shrimp::green_heart:


It’s so beautiful


Hey we’re the same! 2.6 days on level 42!


Level 11, hello. Again.


Level 39 :smiley:


Still going.


Almost 10 levels in a row now. Feelsgoodman