The 0/0 Streak Challenge


It’s been a while, but here I am again :slight_smile:


Lvl12, 0/0!
Upwards and onwards, to level 13!



Level 41 tomorrow! \o/

don’t tell @Whologist


I won’t


This was a bit of a fight but done for level 31.

It might be because I’m currently extra busy at work, including working in the evening and too much caffeine or because I’m on my 5th 7 day level in a row. But either way I feel like my brain needs some time to breathe now, it is starting to get a bit much. I’ll have to wait and see but my next post here might take a while.

All good as long as I keep up with my reviews and don’t go on vacation mode, I guess :slight_smile:


28 days later! Level 23 ゼロゼロ. And what the *&$% glorious one minute ゼロゼロ!


10 days later!!!

Saiakuma level 22


Don’t overdo it. If you feel like melting, slow down a little. Just be certain to not lose too much momentum.


Streak 30 of 30! =D

I’m planing on a break from next week though, get the reviews down to a lower daily amount by only doing reviews for a while.
I struggled getting the reviews down to zero today. There weren’t THAT many, but I feel pooed out. So I’ll take a breather and focus on grammar and reading for about a month. When I start doing the lessons and level up again there will be much less items coming in (I will stick to daily zero on reviews =) )




What a relief…


227… not bad!!


Checking in for Level 10.


Been a while since I did a 0/0 before the 2nd batch of kanji came in! :open_mouth:

Not that much vocab unlocked on lvl up I guess.


Almost done with the first of the later fast levels. This one was really easy. I’m not expecting the rest to be like this. xD



I feel like you reached the forties outta nowhere and you were going through a rough time, too. Well done!


Have I checked in for level 38 yet?



Yay \o/ Reaching 0/0 on the third and not on the second day feels much easier! And not learning a bunch of kanji at once too :eyes:


Yeah, I was. :tired_face: Then I decided I needed at least one thing to be consistent to get back on track and I made WK that thing. And now here I am! =D

I’ll level up to 42 tonight if I don’t go to bed before 11pm. Been trying to follow a bed time of 10:30 lately so we’ll see if I feel like breaking my own rule. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yui hug goja

Oh, and also :