The 0/0 Streak Challenge


I’m now in a 4 level streak, I’m happy with that. On Thursday I will go far from home for a few days and since I will not have access to my pc, I think I’ll take a break from reviews until the next Wednesday. I’m counting to promote as many Apprentice items as I can in the next two days.

I don't think 6 break days can hurts


Back once again with the nil behaviour!
(Saiakuma Level 21)



Meow. :cat2:
And that says it all. :cat2:
Sorry, forgot to add you-know-what :sweat_smile:


… oh.

Well, meow, then.



How many times have you reset?


Well, if there weren’t new radicals, I might have tried to save the situations, but as there are new radicals, I might as well start all over :sweat_smile:


Best of luck, 先輩. :durtle_cat:


But then you’ll just lap me on level 8…



I am actually a little sad right now. I thought that I always posted around this time to get the 3.9 day streak, but checking my earlier posts, apparently I usually post it an hour earlier. :woman_facepalming:
Oh, well. Time to start a new streak trying to stay positive


What script do you use to show how many items are in what srs levels?


I am shocked, I did it.



This: [Userscript] WaniKani Dashboard SRS and Leech Breakdown


Level 37 check in!


Ten hours before lvl up! Looking forward to some more lessons



Took more than usual because of 2-3 days of absolutely lazing out and piling up reviews. But at least this time I got out of it quickly, hehehe!
Actually level 44 is the easiest level out of all of these 40’s. Has kanji like Samurai, Teardrops, Thunder, kanji that you are used to seeing and words like Peach, Pear, whose kanji you may not know but you’ve heard the reading easily, so it was a peach!
5/5 streak


Streak; 29/29! =D


Level 30 :slight_smile:

I’m getting close to having more burned than enlightened items which is nice. Last level took 7 days, 10 hours - still very happy with my pace. 3 levels in a row finished in less than 8 days – that is the most consistent I’ve ever been on WaniKani. My reward is being able to leave Death soon, yay!





I think i will start to document this as well^^

Level 4!