The 0/0 Streak Challenge


Forums are bad at updating the levels, you have to log out and log back in for it to change instantaneously:3


Wow, okay, thank you for telling me. xD




Less of level 30 drag and more of my lack of discipline :persevere:. Every one of those huge delays was kicked off by some vacation or work crunch where I let them pile up without doing them, then I get so overwhelmed that it’s hard to bring it back down. It’s also really depressing when your review queue is full of all your leeches, combined with longer delays than the SRS level intends. You get some really horrible percentages, I sometimes got down in the 20-30% range for some sessions.


Oof, that sounds harsh! Good job getting back on track again :slight_smile:


Good to know. Seems like it worked.


Streak going strong, 28/28! =D




Geez, decided to try going for this for the last week (started at 140 lessons) and I’m doing like 20-25 lessons a day and still gaining them faster (went down to 11 then up to 26 today). About to level up tonight as well… I think I’m gonna have to give up.


Hang in there! Keep chipping away at those lessons every day and reaching 0/0 is only a matter of time.


I’m doing 25 a day when I have them and have been consistently getting to 0 at least once per level. If you had a bigger lessons count when you started because you haven’t been doing that many of them before, maybe you need to do a couple more per day until you catch up to 0 - and then you can go back to doing 20-25 per day an generally be fine, I think. It’s too bad the number of new items per levels isn’t really consistent, that would make planning this so much more convenient. :woman_shrugging:


Lol ^^ I don’t think so


You sure do like reading threads from the beginning, don’t you? :eyes: :DD


Still keeping ahead of things.


Still at it!



I’d level up with 5-10 pending lessons for the last 5 levels or so >.< Until level 26 where for some reason I ended leveling up with 51 pending lessons despite taking the same amount of daily lessons as before =._.=

Decided to slow down this level to get it under control. Can finally relax… for a few hours.



@Safarigirl I’m about to hit level 6! You only have a little time to get done with level 7 before your prediction comes true!







This counts, right???